The following is the Parking Enforcement Policy for the City of Delaware. For more information, contact the Delaware Police Department, 740-203-1111.

Delaware Police Department's parking control officers frequently patrol the streets around downtown and campus. Most citations involve parking in violation of a posted sign or not feeding parking meters during required times.

Other common violations are as follows:

  • Parking in a handicap spot without a valid handicap parking placard.
  • Parking on a public street for more than 72 hours without moving your vehicle (unless you are parked in a space with a sign that indicates otherwise, such as 2-hour parking).
  • Parking in a private lot that is posted as a tow-away / ticket zone.

Parking Fines

Information is accurate as of Spring SEMESTER 2019:
  • The fine for overtime parking in metered spaces is $7, if paid by midnight.
  • The fine for overtime parking in metered spaces is $10, if not paid by midnight.
  • The fine for overtime parking in non-metered, 2-hour spaces is $40.
  • Monthly permits for city parking lot green meters are available for $25.
    • Except for the East William Street lot, which is $20.

Permits can be purchased at the Police Department, 70 N. Union Street.

Prohibited Parking Locations

Parking is prohibited in the following locations:

  • Fire Station—within 20 feet of a driveway entrance to any fire station and on the side of the street opposite the entrance
  • Fire Hydrant—within 10 feet
  • Intersection—within 30 feet
  • Crosswalk—within 20 feet
  • Stop Sign—within 30 feet
  • Blocking drive-in front or blocking any part of driveway
  • Yellow Painted Areas
    • Any location where the curb or street is painted yellow
    • e.g. yellow triangle area on Oak Hill Ave

You must park within the lines of any parking space.

Public Parking Locations

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70 N. Union Street
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-203-1111 (non-emergency)