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Ohio Wesleyan's variety of club sports features plenty of athletic and fun opportunities.

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Competitive, challenging, and fun, the OWU Cheerleading Squad cheers on OWU's football and men's basketball team at all home games.

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Club Soccer

Welcome to OWU FC the co-ed club soccer team at Ohio Wesleyan University. We compete with similar colleges in Ohio and are looking to enter leagues in the near future. To check us out please reach out to one of the contacts below. Little to no experience needed.

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Cricket Club

The cricket club organizes cricket matches between OWU and other universities. We also play cricket on campus, offering the people who are unfamiliar with the sport a chance to play an exciting new game, which is by the way the second most played sport in the world.


Equestrian Team

The OWU Equestrian Team is a horseback riding team with both English and Western riding options. Every level of rider can join to ride in fun weekly lessons or to compete against other collegiate teams year-round.

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The Firedogs (Men's Frisbee)

The Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team, known as the Firedogs,  participates in Frisbee tournaments around Ohio and the country.

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Men's Rugby Team

The Men's Rugby Team provides a great way to spend time with new friends, get and stay in shape, experience a new activity, and improve team building skills. Players of all levels are welcome to participate or support the team's games!

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Women's Rugby

Being a high-intensity contact sport, OWU's women's rugby team works hard and expands their knowledge. New members must have a positive attitude and love for the game.

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Medieval & Renaissance Recreational Combat Association

OWU's MRRCA's mission is to continue the martial traditions of the western world, especially those of the knights of Europe. Members of all experience levels learn and practice historical techniques in a fun and casual manner.

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Water Polo

OWU's Water Polo Club invites students to enjoy the sport of water polo with fellow players at Meek Aquatic Center three times a week.


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The Yetis (Women's Frisbee)

The Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, The Yetis, play and practice year-round in tournaments with other collegiate teams. Players improve skills, make new friends, and, most importantly, have fun.

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Step and Dance

We are the Step and Dance Team. We perform at basketball games, Day on the Jay, and any event students request. 

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