Food for thought ... we totally get that concept! You want all kinds of options when it comes to meals and snacks and how to pay for them. Ohio Wesleyan gives you those choices. We’re pretty confident that neither your brain nor your stomach will go hungry here.


OWU’s dining program features declining balance plans. These plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility and freedom of choice. You decide what, when, and where to eat, with virtually no limitations on facilities or times.

Each plan uses Student ID cards as meal “debit” cards, with each food item assigned a certain number of meal plan points. ID cards can be swiped at a variety of campus locations, the Thomson Convenience Store, and off-campus at several selected locations in downtown Delaware.

You can purchase additional food points any time during the year. Purchased points will be billed to your monthly OWU account. Any remaining points carry over from Fall to Spring semester but not from academic year to academic year.

If you need to change your meal plan, contact the Office of Residential Life within the first week of each semester.

Meal Plan Exemption

Students who have a medical condition or who follow religious dietary guidelines (which cannot be accommodated by the University’s food service vendor) can request a meal plan exemption.

Medical exemption requires appropriate documentation submitted by the student's doctor, and approval must come from a team of three people: the Director of Student Health Services, the Director of Residential Life, and the Dining Services Director.

For a religious exemption, appropriate documentation must be submitted by the student's religious authority, and approval must come from a team of three people: the University Chaplain, the Director of Residential Life, and the Dining Services Director.

The process for seeking a medical or religious exemption (no others are available) from the University meal plan begins with a meeting with the Director of Residential Life.


Plan A: Knight Plan

Price: $6,010 (annual cost)

Purchasing Power: 5,138 food points (2,530/semester)

The Knight Plan will suit you if you purchase the majority of your meals on campus and if you remain here most weekends. The plan also allows for snacks and special occasion dinners.

Plan B: Bishop Plan

Price: $5,500 (annual cost)

Purchasing Power: 4,466 food points (2,250.50/semester)

Choose the Bishop Plan if you skip some meals and occasionally will be away from campus on weekends. This plan allows for some snacks and special meals. Most students select this plan.

Plan C: Squire Plan

Price: $4,780 (annual cost)

Purchasing Power: 3,704 food points (1,825.50/semester)

The Squire Plan provides the minimum food service. Most students will find that this plan does not provide sufficient purchasing power and will need to purchase additional food service points before the year ends.

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P 740-368-3456 (Dietary/Menu questions)
P 740-368-3451 (Meal Plan questions)

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