Each of us in the OWU community has a great responsibility. If we follow campus guidelines and act with care and empathy, we can create a campus environment where OWU students, faculty, and staff can work, study, live, learn, and interact in ways that fulfill our educational mission and protect the health, safety, and well-being of us all.

This protocol is subject to change.


event: A planned public or social occasion on or off campus.
Gathering: an organic assembly of  people, especially in social or festive nature that occurs outside of a planned event. 


  • In all public spaces and at all social gatherings:
    • A mask must be worn by all in attendance.
    • Physical distance of 6’ or more must be maintained.
  • Indoor gatherings of up to 10 people will be permitted. Everyone attending must wear a proper face mask (covering the nose and mouth), and guests must observe physical distancing guidelines. The space for indoor gatherings must be large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 10 people with everyone remaining six feet apart. 
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people will be permitted. Everyone attending must wear a proper face mask, and guests must observe physical distancing guidelines.
  • Large campus events/gatherings will not occur this spring.  Attempts should be made to hold smaller-scale events, break up large events into smaller gatherings, consider hosting events outdoors, or hold some or all of the events virtually. 
  • Under no circumstances will events/gatherings of more than 50 attendees be approved by the Student Involvement Office.  Exceptions may be granted by the Vice President of Student Engagement & Success/Dean of Students, with specific safety measures in place. The number of maximum attendees could change at any time due to changing conditions, and the University will notify students by owu.edu email if changes occur.
  • Please be advised that your student group is responsible for ensuring that safety protocols are followed during events or gatherings hosted by your group.  If your group holds an unauthorized event or if your group fails to enforce safety protocols, and should someone test positive for COVID-19 and tracing directly to your event/gathering, your group may be responsible for the cost of testing others in attendance.

Registration of Events and Gatherings

  • All events/gatherings with greater than 10 people in attendance must be registered on Engage at least 3 business days in advance. 
    • Events/gatherings of more than 10 people must be accompanied by a Safe Campus Compliance Plan and a complete guest list which can be uploaded on Engage.  Events will not be approved if the requested information is incomplete.
    • Events over 10 people must also assign Safe Campus Monitors from the student organization. Monitors will be responsible for making sure guests wear masks, maintain physical distance, and comply with campus safety guidelines throughout the event. 
    • Events that will be hosted outside (ie.: JAYwalk) must follow the general  registration process, however, will need final approval of the Vice President of Student Engagement and Success/Dean of Students. These plans will need to submit a separate safety plan on how safety protocols will be put in place and enforced during the event. 
  • Only current OWU students, faculty, and staff will be permitted to attend OWU events and gatherings unless prior permission is granted by the University.

Physical Distance Safety 

  • All events must have directional signs with a designated traffic flow to manage the distance and amount of people who attend an event or program. Tape (i.e.: painters tape, masking tape) can be used to provide these on the floor, but must  be approved by the Student Involvement Office.
  • Masks are required for every person in all public spaces. Student organizations can access extra masks to distribute at their events from the Student Involvement Office.
  • If there is a check in table or  information station there should be designated areas to stand marked with tape to ensure safe distance. 


  • Events/gatherings with more than 10 people with food can only distribute prepackaged food only, or must have food served by AVI staff. No buffet or communal dining style will be permitted. 
  • Students  will be required to register events through Engage to receive  approval from AVI staff. It must meet the following requirements: 
    • Events with food on-campus must be done through AVI Dining Services.  Kitchens and serveries of the University will not be used for catered events by outside parties without permission.  AVI must be given the “first right of refusal” before a student organization and/or group contracts with an outside vendor. Exceptions can and will be made at the discretion of AVI and OWU, as partners.


  • If a student organization wants to table in the atrium, all reservations must be made online on Engage. This is on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Student organizations can request plexiglass for tabling or an event/gathering on Engage. Supplies are limited and on a first come first served basis. 
  • Students can use bulletin boards but have to bring their own push pins/stapler. 
  • Student organizations can email posters with specific dates to include on the HWCC atrium televisions to  involveu@owu.edu
  • Student organizations can share giveaways at events. However, this is only permitted if items are arranged on a table for others to pick up with gloves  or the student at the table  sanitizes their hands prior to distributing the items. 
  • Dorm storming will not be permitted in the residence halls until further notice. 

Purchasing Guidelines 

  • All SIO Student Purchasing Coordinator appointments will be virtual. Appointments can be made here.
  • Checking out SIO credit cards will be limited. Online orders will be the primary way to fulfill purchasing needs.  Since online purchases may take longer than usual, please be sure to plan ahead to ensure items arrive on time. 


  • The University has prohibited University-sponsored international travel for all faculty, staff, and students for the spring 2021 semester. 
  • Domestic travel should occur only when necessary. All members of the community are encouraged to carefully monitor available public health information to determine the level of risk of contracting coronavirus during travels. In the spirit that we are all in this together, students are urged to remain on campus throughout the semester. 
  • If a student organization is interested in traveling, please read below for policy guidelines: 
  • Travel Roster & Registration
    • A  travel roster that includes seat assignments must be uploaded on Engage Travel & Transportation form which is included in Event Registration Process. Seat assignments must be included and adhered to during the entire trip.  Please reference the diagram below for assigning seats.
  • Temperature/Health Checks
    • All individuals must undergo a health and temperature check prior to boarding the transportation. A thermometer can be checked out at the Student Involvement Office.
    • Any individual displaying symptoms or showing a consistent fever will NOT be permitted to travel.
  • Universal Masking & Risk Mitigation Protocols on Transportation
    • All individuals MUST WEAR A MASK while on the transportation.
    • Physical distancing should be maintained at all times on the trip.
    • All individuals are encouraged to wash hands with soap and water frequently on the trip.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available for transportation and supplies can be checked out at the Student Involvement Office.
  • Travel Guidelines
    • Student organization can rent the OWU bus, charter buses, or school buses.
    • All bus capacity numbers will be limited to half.
    • E. – On a 56-passenger bus, we will only be permitted to have 26 individuals on board for a trip.
    • Student organizations can rent OWU vans for travel. OWU van travel WILL have a maximum capacity of four people per van.
    • No out of state or overnight travel is permitted.
    • No eating on the transportation.
    • No using the restroom on the bus.
    • Seating on the bus should follow the pattern outlined in the diagram below:
      • The first row of seats will remain empty, unless there is dire need to be occupied
      • The formation may differ based on the capacity of the bus

          transportation seating


  • Students should avoid collecting cash for fundraisers. If students want to sell apparel or nonfood items, they can use the OWU Pop-Up Shop or In-Store Promo options. To learn more about these email involveu@owu.edu. 
  • Student events and/or fundraisers that involve students preparing food in any way with University funds and/or to represent a student organization or group must be approved by AVI Dining Services staff and the SIO. Fundraising events can be registered on Engage. Until further notice, all food items that are sold by student groups for fundraising purposes are suspended.


  • Students can reserve DVDs and equipment from the OWU Media Center.  All DVDs and equipment will need to be reserved at least one week in advance and pickups and drop-offs will be by appointment only. Reserve media equipment. 


  • The Student Involvement Office will offer limited supplies for student organizations during 2020-2021. These include one time use items like construction paper and paper rolls. 
  • A form can be completed on Engage to request balloons, ellison machine letters and plexiglass. SIO Desk Assistant will complete projects using gloves. 
  • Student organizations cannot store items or supplies in the SIO until further notice. 
  • Club storage will be available for student organizations to get supplies. Only one student may enter the room at a time and surfaces and keys must be disinfected after use. 


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Student Involvement Office
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P 740-368-3185
E involveu@owu.edu

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