Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee concerns itself with the academic life of students, and strives to improve academics. Academic Affairs appoints student-faculty committees and creates dialogue with the faculty.

Chair: Federico Mata

Administrative Policy Committee

The Administrative Policy Committee exercises oversight of the rules and the WCSA administration. Often providing counsel for the other committees, Administrative Policy Committee members will review university policies as they pertain to students, and making recommendations for revisions and reviewing WCSA’s governing documents.

Chair: Cole Peterson 

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee charge charges itself with review of monetary appropriation of the Student Activity Fee. The Budget Committee acts as an overseer of campus programming and ensures there is diversity in programming and limits over-programming.

Chair: Aakash Gupta

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is the correspondents of the WCSA. It provides the OWU community with necessary information concerning various WCSA-related events and issues. The committee administers all WCSA elections, updates the WCSA web site, organizes Town Hall meetings for the student body to be aware of issues and voice their concerns, and also generally relays the goings-on with the WCSA while giving you the opportunities to voice your opinions.

Chair: Veronica Cody

Student Inclusion Advocacy Committee (SIAC)

The Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs recognizes that within the full senate and on our campus, there is lacking representation for a range of student identifying within the black community, the Latinx community, the LGBT community, the disabled community, the Muslim community, and/or intersections of these identities.

In an effort to acknowledge and address this lack of representation, the 2016 term of WCSA under the Choate administration passed a bill to form a new eight-member committee under the name of Student Inclusion Advocacy Committee. The goals of this committee will be to work within WCSA and with offices on campus to identify and address issues underrepresented students on campus face.

Chair: Chloe Hunt

Note: If you wish to apply, please click here.

Student Life Committee

Student Life Committee is responsible for initiating appropriate actions on issues concerning students. Student Life leads projects regarding: residential halls, parking, Greek life, dining services, and other comforts they can add to the OWU experience.

Chair: Audrey Homlar