Thank you for your interest in joining SIAC!

Interested students must submit the following documents:

  • Intent-to-Run form (voters will see these) 
  • ONE recommendation letter from an officer of one of the following organizations: VIVA Latinx, Black Student Union, SUBA, Tauheed, PRIDE, Chinese Culture Club, Sisters United, Horizons International, SANGAM, Black Men of the Future (BMF), Rafiki Wa Afrika 
  • ONE recommendation letter from a professional staff member of one of the following offices: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA, letters from Lisa Ho accepted), Chaplain's Office, Spectrum Resource Center, or the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion 

Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs recognizes that certain circumstances could inhibit a potential representative from applying based on this written support requirement. Therefore, the current WCSA President will have one “pardon” per term. With this, the applicant can appeal directly to the President and ask for their pardon from this written requirement. The decision whether or not to give that pardon is up to the President, based on the applicant’s particular set of circumstances.

Chloe Hunt


Danny Sanders

Jeremiah Anderson