Myself along with Madam Vice President Ford are deeply honored to serve the post of the First Hispanic President and First Black Woman Vice President of the Student Body. We are committed to delivering on our platform and ensure that we reach a more just and equitable “tomorrow” for all students on our campus. 


 Autumn and I are guided by the principle that we may be the first to do many things, but we must ensure we are not the last. It is critical that we break barriers and glass ceilings to ensure we have a more just and equitable “tomorrow” and that starts with bringing people to the table who have often been left out. It shapes conversation, initiative, and ideas that will benefit the culture at OWU for the coming years. 


For the last 175 years, Ohio Wesleyan University has stood as a bastion of the liberal arts.  And throughout that time Ohio Wesleyan has seen fit to keep students involved in the governance of the University.  Since 1973, the Wesleyan Council on Student Affairs has sought to safeguard the interests of students on campus as the instrument for students to participate in the governance of the University.  To that end, our two goals is to ensure that everyone's seen on campus. When I was out on the campaign trail a year ago, I spent hours meeting with Greek Leaders, Moderators, Freshman, Underrepresented communities, and a similar trend that I noticed was that they did not feel seen. There is no sentiment than someone feeling like they are fighting alone. That is the antithesis of the mission of OWU, WCSA, and the very essence of the word “community”. Much of the conversations that I had have largely shaped my agenda which can be categorized into two sections: Giving people a seat at the table, recruiting a diverse group of people to WCSA along the way to be a voice in the senate, and appointing students to student-faculty committees where decisions that impact the curriculum and shape the structure of the DNA at OWU are made. Next, we plan to transform OWU to be equipped and prepared to enter a new reality in these unprecedented times and leave it standing stronger than it has ever been. In order to tackle the problems of tomorrow, I believe we must look internally and see what works and what doesn’t in order to be effective and ultimatley deliver results to our constituents. 

Your President, 

Jose Matute