When you explore Ohio Wesleyan, you'll see obvious reasons why OWU stands out. Visit OWU and see:

  • Small classes with back-and-forth conversation the student-faculty ratio is 10:1.
  • Opportunities beyond those at other small colleges: 90 majors, 25 varsity sports, global travel, internships, mentored research, even a marching band. Explore The OWU Connection!
  • A friendly, thriving hometown of Delaware, just 25 miles from Columbus, America's 14th-largest city.
  • Outstanding academic programs in the sciences, arts, humanities, and business, where in the past three years, 92%-97% of new graduates were shortly in jobs or grad school.
  • Generous scholarship opportunities. Our new Branch Rickey Scholarship upholds our belief that if you have the ability to succeed in college, you should have the opportunity.

Look deeper. You'll see a community where the heart of learning is connection. That's our belief, our commitment, our campus culture.

It's the Oh-Wooo spirit.

This is a supportive campus where students work and learn in partnership with their professors, coaches, advisers, and fellow students. This is a campus of cooperation, not competition. Colleges That Change Lives says, "OWU's culture is defined by warmth and helpfulness."

OWU By the Numbers

66% Travel

Two out of three students from the Class of 2017 took their learning off campus with study abroad, travel-learning classes, and other OWU Connection opportunities.

The OWU Connection