When you explore Ohio Wesleyan, you'll see obvious reasons why OWU stands out as a university that can help you move forward to a better future:

  • Small classes with back-and-forth conversation the student-faculty ratio is 11:1.
  • Opportunities beyond those at other small colleges: 70+ majors and concentrations, 24 varsity sports, global travel, internships, mentored research, even a marching band. Explore The OWU Connection!
  • A friendly, thriving hometown of Delaware, just 25 miles from Columbus, America's 14th-largest city.
  • Outstanding academic programs in the sciences, arts, humanities, and business, where in recent years, 97% of new graduates were shortly in jobs or grad school.
  • Generous scholarship opportunities. Fully 99.3% of OWU students receive financial aid

Look deeper. You'll see a community where the heart of learning is connection. That's our belief, our commitment, our campus culture.

It's the Oh-Wooo spirit.

This is a supportive campus where students work and learn in partnership with their professors, coaches, advisors, and fellow students. This is a campus of cooperation, not competition. Colleges That Change Lives says, "OWU's culture is defined by warmth and helpfulness."

Schedule your visit, and see why an OWU education is called one of the best values in America.

OWU By the Numbers

91% of 2019 Grads had an OWU Connection Experience

Nine out of ten 2019 graduates had at least one OWU Connection Experience during their four years. Experiences include research, internships, community service, travel-learning, and semester study-away programs.

The OWU Connection