Our mission is to support and engage students through their educational and personal journeys. We provide a quality learning environment in which students make connections, navigate challenges, and develop competencies to become successful global citizens.


Every OWU student graduates as an engaged, self-aware, successful global citizen


Innovation   |   Collaboration   |   Communication   |   Social Justice   |   Integrity

Learning Domains

The programs, services, and initiatives of the Division of Student Engagement and Success are directed toward helping students develop essential competencies within the following domains:

  • Community Engagement (e.g. civic involvement, community service, campus life, involvement, positive residential communities, etc.)
  • Intellectual Engagement (e.g. problem solving, critical thinking, theory-to-practice, awareness of current issues, cultural awareness, etc.)
  • Personal and Interpersonal Development (e.g. emotional intelligence, building and sustaining relationships, conflict management, identity development, self-advocacy, appreciation of diversity, etc.)
  • Professional And Life Skills Development (e.g. leadership skills, public speaking, event planning, financial well-being, time management, job attainment skills, office skills, etc.)

Additionally, we strive to help students develop a commitment to social justice as they grow in their capacity to demonstrate their competencies. 

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