All eleven departments of the Division of Student Engagement and Success provide support services, resources, and engagement opportunities.


Our mission is to support and engage students through their educational and personal journeys. We provide a quality learning environment in which students make connections, navigate challenges, and develop competencies to become successful global citizens.


Every OWU student graduates as an engaged, self-aware, successful global citizen.


Innovation   |   Collaboration   |   Communication   |   Social Justice   |   Integrity

Learning Domains

The programs, services, and initiatives of the Division of Student Engagement and Success are directed toward helping students develop essential competencies within the following domains:

  • Community Engagement (e.g. civic involvement, community service, campus life, involvement, positive residential communities, etc.)
  • Intellectual Engagement (e.g. problem solving, critical thinking, theory-to-practice, awareness of current issues, cultural awareness, etc.)
  • Personal and Interpersonal Development (e.g. emotional intelligence, building and sustaining relationships, conflict management, identity development, self-advocacy, appreciation of diversity, etc.)
  • Professional And Life Skills Development (e.g. leadership skills, public speaking, event planning, financial well-being, time management, job attainment skills, office skills, etc.)

Additionally, we strive to help students develop a commitment to social justice as they grow in their capacity to demonstrate their competencies. 

Department Contact Info


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Delaware, Ohio
P 740-368-3135
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