Welcome to Ohio Wesleyan. We’re here to help you find your passion – and feed it. To us, that’s the point of a liberal arts education.

Where Hungry Minds Connect

To a variety of academic options.

Choose from more than 90 programs of study—you can even create your own. From Astrophysics to Zoology, we have a surprising amount of academic diversity and choice here at OWU. Can’t decide? Don’t limit yourself--almost 30% of our students have at least two majors. 

In a global context.

Connect to the world.  At OWU, there are countless ways to whet your appetite for new places, cultures, and ideas:  Travel-Learning Courses, study abroad, research and internships, Theory to Practice Grants--all are opportunities to get real world experience in every discipline--on campus or around the globe.

With extraordinary faculty.

Learn in small, diverse classes (student/faculty ratio of 11:1) taught by professors—never by teaching assistants. OWU faculty are not just your instructors—they are your research partners, advisors, and mentors. Their mission—to prepare you for what’s next and to keep you hungry for learning for the rest of your life.