Ancient, Medieval, & Renaissance Studies

AMRS unlocks the secrets of the past, giving students an understanding of the basis of western civilization. Enjoy choosing classes from nine different areas, from history and literature to art and philosophy.

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Black World Studies

Black World Studies deals with the integrity, continuity, and vitality of the international black experience. Your Ohio Wesleyan studies will foster an understanding of the historical and cultural dimensions of contemporary black world communities and societies.

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Botany & Microbiology

In OWU's Department of Botany and Microbiology (BOMI), you can prepare through our hands-on, experiential curriculum to impact the planet's high-stakes issues in health, agriculture, technology, and the environment.

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Chemistry is life, and life is chemistry. If you enjoy solving problems and understanding diverse phenomena from a molecular point of view, you will want to learn more about chemistry.

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Classics is the study of ancient Greece and Rome, in particular the ancient Greek and Latin languages and literatures. Classics majors and minors study ancient Greece and Rome through direct access to the rich tradition of Greek and Latin literature in a variety of genres: epic, lyric, and elegiac poetry; tragedy and comedy; ancient history and philosophy; and classical mythology and religion.

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Comparative Literature

Through the study of different literary traditions that transcend regional and temporal boundaries, comparative literature immerses you into cultures from around the world.

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Data Analytics

The interdisciplinary Data Analytics Program combines faculty experts in computer science, mathematics, economics, politics & government, and other fields. Together, they help students develop strong quantitative skills as well as a keen understanding of the social, ethical, and cultural impacts of big data in our lives.

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East Asian Studies

Ohio Wesleyan's East Asian Studies Program is interdisciplinary and holistic. It draws from multiple departments to give you a broad perspective of East Asian cultures. However, you can choose to focus on one particular East Asian country.

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Economics and Business

Studying economics, business, or accounting at Ohio Wesleyan helps you understand the nation’s economy and business environment within a global context and gives you a solid understanding of the central role that economic, business, and accounting thinking plays in all aspects of society.

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Ohio Wesleyan has been educating teachers for more than 100 years. This experience confirms our belief that the most creative and effective teachers are prepared at strong liberal arts colleges such as ours.

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As an English major, you build analytical and communications skills that make you an attractive job candidate, especially in today's dynamic, global economy dependent on flexibility, critical thinking, and fast and accurate communication.

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Environment & Sustainability

Ohio Wesleyan's cross-disciplinary Environmental & Sustainability Program offers two majors and a variety of perspectives regarding the environment. The program includes nearly 20 faculty members who specialize in natural sciences, social sciences, art, and humanities.

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Film Studies

The interdisciplinary film studies program brings together faculty from literature, global studies, creative writing, multimedia production, theatre, and other fields to help you understand the production and analyze cultural and economic contexts of moving images, from advertising to feature films to news footage.

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Fine Arts

The pairing of the focused arts education with the liberal arts provides a special asset for student artists and helps to encourage a more confident and personal artistic vision. The Fine Arts Department at Ohio Wesleyan, created in 1864, was one of America's first college art departments.

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Geology & Geography

The Geology and Geography Department offers you the opportunity to understand the complexities of natural and human environments and their relevance to a multitude of contemporary human and environmental issues.

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Global Studies Institute

OWU's interdisciplinary Global Studies Institute is the collaborative hub where scholars from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and fine arts converge to explore ideas and issues that span national boundaries, tackle challenges from many perspectives, and develop solutions for real world problems.


Health & Human Kinetics

The Health and Human Kinetics Department has created innovative courses for each major and minor, helping you prepare to move on to diverse work environments. You will have good options for graduate school or starting a career immediately after graduation.

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Ohio Wesleyan offers a broad range of U.S., European, Pacific Asian, and Latin American history courses. You have a great deal of creativity and flexibility in creating a program that suits your personal and historical interests, whether by taking listed courses or pursuing independent studies with individual faculty.

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International Studies

In the International Studies Program, you explore how countries interact in our ever-shrinking world. Whether you are interested in examining issues in the world in general, or in a particular region of the world, the cross-disciplinary nature of International Studies gives you a chance to work closely with a variety of professors and develop a major that satiates your intellectual interests.

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Journalism & Communication

Ohio Wesleyan is one of the few schools in the country to offer a rich liberal arts education with a professionally oriented major in journalism. Undergraduate journalism students learn the hows and whys of their profession but also acquire a wealth of knowledge from Ohio Wesleyan's liberal arts curriculum.

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Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies Program provides you with an interdisciplinary framework for studying the societies of a culturally rich and diverse region shaped by the meeting of Amerindian, African, and European peoples.

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Mathematics & Computer Science

Whether you want to be a mathematics or computer science major, use mathematics or computer science in other disciplines, or simply explore these fields, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers challenging and exciting opportunities for study.

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Medical & Health Professions

The liberal arts core at Ohio Wesleyan is exceptional preparation for almost any career and for graduate study in any field. OWU is unusual among national liberal arts institutions, however, in offering a variety of pre-professional programs designed to prepare you specifically for your next step toward a career in medicine and healthcare.

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Middle Eastern Studies

OWU’s Middle Eastern Studies program brings together faculty with expertise in the culture, religions, languages, politics, history, literature, and art of the Middle East. This interdisciplinary approach provides students with a holistic understanding of the Middle East and creates an ideal environment for students to work closely with faculty mentors to deeply explore their own areas of interest.

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The study of neuroscience is a relatively new field, with many exciting discoveries waiting to be made. OWU's Neuroscience Program is interdisciplinary, integrating the tools of multiple fields, including psychology, biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer modeling.

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Performing Arts

New for 2021, Ohio Wesleyan has merged music, theatre, and dance programs to create exciting new collaborations and opportunities for students. The department is filled with creative performing artists, experienced and multi-talented faculty, and passionate students.

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Philosophy, we believe, is integral to a person's education, and certainly integral to the mission of a liberal arts college like Ohio Wesleyan University. With a major in philosophy, you gain a broad understanding of the history of philosophy and a deep appreciation for it as a practical discipline.

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Physics & Astronomy

From subatomic particles to galaxies, physicists and astronomers study an enormous range of phenomena, continually examining the laws of nature. In the past century, few areas of inquiry have advanced as rapidly as physics. Astronomy, too, is undergoing rapid development with the aid of orbiting observatories such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Politics & Government

Our extensive opportunities for students in politics and government include programs in the Arneson Institute for Practical Politics and Public Affairs, internships in Washington, D.C., and majors in Pre-Law and Pre-Public Administration. OWU began teaching political science in 1845, and our graduates have served the public with distinction at every level of government.

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The Department of Psychology, established in 1917, has a long history of graduating majors who make a positive impact on the world, both through their academic pursuits and the service they provide their communities. Our faculty pride themselves on their skill as teachers and as researchers.

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The study of religion has been important at Ohio Wesleyan since the University was founded in 1842, when the training of a skilled and literate ministry was a key mission. Today, the study of religion is no longer confined to those who want to enter the professional ministry.

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Sociology & Anthropology

In the disciplines of sociology and anthropology, you examine social and cultural diversity, social inequalities, and contemporary, often controversial, social issues such as poverty and homelessness, crime and social deviance, globalization and international conflict, race and ethnic relations, physical and mental health, and the changing roles of women and men in the United States and abroad.

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Women's & Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies is an area of study as well as an optic for understanding society, culture, and political events. The program offers interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and transnational courses and provides a meeting ground to explore questions about political institutions, global events, and collective and individual action.

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World Languages & Cultures

The study of foreign languages is uniquely liberating. As you master a new language, you mature into a new person, alive to new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. You become a citizen of the larger world in which we live.

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The Zoology Department offers four different majors to suit various interests. Although most majors begin with the same core courses, each has features that offer special preparation for a variety of fields, such as medicine, environmental science, genetics and molecular biology, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, K-12 teaching, museum curatorship, animal care, and more.

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