Introduction to the Department

Professor Mark Allison teaching English classThe English major is an important foundation for a wide variety of careers. As an English major, you build analytical and communications skills that make you an attractive job candidate, especially in today's dynamic, global economy dependent on flexibility, critical thinking, and fast and accurate communication. And if you are interested in pursuing graduate study in English in a literature or MFA program, a top-notch faculty and flexible curriculum will provide you with the ability to tailor your studies to your academic goals.

The English Department fosters curiosity about language and culture. In English courses, pleasurable reading is the foundation for developing skills in writing, speaking, and analytical thinking.

Department Features

  • Three concentrations: Creative Writing, English for Educators, and Literature.
  • A diverse program that teaches students to read critically, communicate clearly, and write persuasively and movingly. These skills are essential for success in every field and profession.
  • Endless opportunities inside and outside of the classroom for immersive experiences in creative writing, education, and literature.

Available Concentrations

Available Minors