Matt vandenBerg

A Message from Dr. v

Ohio Wesleyan University is a powerful engine of social mobility, educational opportunity, economic growth, and cultural vitality. Our vast network of OWU alumni is making the world a better place through their leadership and contributions in every field, including business and finance, science and technology, medicine, law, education, the arts, public service, and so much more.

This family of active and engaged Ohio Wesleyan graduates grows each year, nurtured by a team of faculty, staff, and administrators passionately committed to and focused on student success and an academic program grounded in the breadth of the liberal arts and depth of hands-on experience.

This is a welcoming and incredibly supportive campus, with our efforts underpinned by the guidance and support of a distinguished Board of Trustees and loyal alumni.

Together, in the months and years ahead, we will build mightily on OWU's rich history and pursue unprecedented heights with confidence, boldness, innovation, joy, vigor, and good humor. Now and forever, my mission and passion are to partner with OWU faculty, staff, students, parents, families, and alumni to help Ohio Wesleyan grow, expand its reach, and make itself more distinctive and more esteemed in a crowded higher education landscape.

Matt vandenBerg

The "What Matters" Listening Tour

During his first several months as president, Matt vandenBerg has been immersing himself in the OWU culture. 

He's completed research with students, joined them at Camp Oh-Wooo, practiced with sports teams and the marching band, worked alongside staff across the university, met with faculty, explored the community with Delaware and Columbus officials, and had meaningful conversations with alumni across the country.

His goal: Learn what matters to you.

What do you love about OWU? What can we do better? And how can we all work together to make this university the best it can be for students, the community, and the world? That's what matters.