The OWU Connection is . . .

Guided. With our 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you work closely with professors and advisors who can help you find your passion and build a program to make it a career.

Personalized. Want to major in Zoology and Creative Writing? You can do that. Add a travel class to the Galapagos Islands to walk in the footsteps of Darwin. And how about a semester internship with a publisher in New York City? We work with you to create a unique experience that prepares you for your next step and for a lifetime of learning.

Universal. Every OWU student participates in The OWU Connection. You have opportunities to travel, conduct research, complete an internship, and take your learning into the real world.

Purposeful. The OWU Connection helps you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience that employers and grad schools value most: the ability to think critically, analyze complex problems, work in diverse teams, and communicate effectively. Every year, OWU graduates connect their jobs or grad school placements directly to their OWU Connection experiences.

You will be prepared to face complex challenges in real-world settings. You will be ready to make a difference.

OWU Connection Discovery Engine

Here’s what’s special about The OWU Connection: You personalize your academic program with unique Connection Experiences that combine what you care about, where you want to go, and who you want to be. Use this tool to discover some of the possibilities. Shuffle for random results or choose your pairing.
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Life After OWU

OWU graduates leave with knowledge, experience, and a hunger to change the world—a combination that excites employers and graduate schools. Our graduates land in top graduate programs, get good jobs, and have the far-reaching perspectives to keep on learning and the broad-based skills to move up the ladder.

Graduate Outcomes

Belle Norman '22

Mental Health Specialist, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Pathway to a Career