The OWU Connection is . . .

microbiologyGuided. With our 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you work closely with professors and advisors who can help you find your passion and build a program to make it a career.

Personalized. We combine the intimate classes and personal attention of a small, liberal arts college with the vast opportunities you might find at a big university: 90 majors, global travel, innovative research, and real-world internships. With that combination, we work with you to create a unique experience that prepares you for your next step and for a lifetime of learning and growth.

Guaranteed. Every OWU student participates in The OWU Connection, with opportunities to travel and take your learning into the real world.

Proven. The OWU Connection helps you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience that employers and grad schools value most: the ability to think critically, analyze complex problems, work in diverse teams, and communicate effectively. Over and over, OWU graduates link their jobs or grad school placements directly to their OWU Connection experience.

You will be prepared to face complex challenges in real-world settings. You will be ready to make a difference.

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Life After OWU

OWU graduates leave with knowledge, experience, and a hunger to change the world—a combination that excites employers and graduate schools. Our graduates land in top graduate programs, get good jobs, and have the far-reaching perspectives to keep on learning and the broad-based skills to move up the ladder.

Graduate Outcomes

Brianna La Croix '18

Social Media Marketing & Production Assistant at ABC Studios, Burbank, California

Pathway to a Career