The Spring Student Symposium showcases the research and creative work of Ohio Wesleyan students across the academic spectrum. The Symposium provides an opportunity for students to share their work with the OWU community and enter a dialogue that can spur ideas for new projects.

Undergraduate research, performed under the mentorship of expert faculty, is a central component of The OWU Connection. And the annual Student Symposium shows the breadth, innovation, and quality of work produced by Ohio Wesleyan students.

2022 Student Symposium

Thursday, April 21 - Merrick Hall

Panel PresentaTions - 4:10 p.m. - 5:10 p.m.

Name of Presenter(s)

Title of Presentation



 Panel 1

Grant Cayton

Brahma and the Problem of Popularity


Merrick 201

Adrian Yates



Merrick 201

Marya Gakosso

The Role of Democracy in Economic Growth


Merrick 201

 Panel 2

Acadia Caryl and Leigh Stavar 

Collecting Histories: A Study of Perceived Authenticity and Gentrification in the Immigrant and Ethnic Food Corridors of San Francisco


Merrick 203

Sydni Simpson

Gender and Streaming - A comprehensive study on how gender impacts experience


Merrick 203

Veronica Cody and Jeremiah Anderson

Can you make this house a home? Are Black spaces enough to foster a sense of belonging at Ohio Wesleyan University?


Merrick 203

Panel 3

Meghan Edwards

Debe ser dirigida: Theories of community organizing for resource management in the context of rural Ecuador


Merrick 204

Amanda Ciccone

Impact of COVID-19 on Occupational Therapy Service Delivery in Public Schools


Merrick 204

Elliot Spicer

Benefits, Costs, and Spatial Trends of Ecotourism in Iceland


Merrick 204

Poster Session - 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. (Merrick Lobby - Refreshments served)


Title of Project

Chandler Carr

Animal Care Observation Internship

Abigail Doza 

Familiarity and its impacts on male mate preference the Sailfin Molly, Poecilia latipinna

Chiru Gunawardena 

Effects of Stress in Male Adolescent C57BL/6J Mice on Adult Psychiatric-Related Behaviors

Kaden Hubly

Characterization of the Yeast Gene YDL218W: A Role in Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Maintenance

Chase Reinert

Phenotype Characterization of sas-7(or1945) C. elegans

Chase Reinert

Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship at Ohio Wildlife Center

Myles Steed

The Development of Dipyrrin Platforms for Oxygen Reduction

Lucas Stetter

Can Functional Tests Predict Throwing Velocity or Batting-Exit Velocity in Division III Collegiate Baseball: A Predictive Validity Investigation

Hannah Williams

The Relationship of Functional Test Performance with Proficiency and Injury Occurrence in High School Volleyball Players


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