In order to lay the groundwork for a successful transformation of both the campus culture and the curriculum, Ohio Wesleyan recognizes the need for significant coordination across faculty committees and campus-wide conversations about the centrality of diversity, equity, and inclusion to fulfilling Ohio Wesleyan’s mission and aims and securing its future.

The Office of the Provost seeks to enhance its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by building a more diverse faculty, supporting and promoting academic equity and institutional excellence, reflecting diverse perspectives and contributions throughout the curriculum, and equipping faculty and staff to serve a more diverse student body in the years to come.

Because we believe that a more diverse and inclusive faculty would enrich our campus by offering alternative perspectives on faculty search committees, the Office of the Provost offers faculty search committees and Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioners (EEOC) a set of innovative tools in order to implement best practices in faculty job searches.

These tools include: