Leadership Team

Dr. Dale Brugh

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs 
Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 740-368-3530
Email: djbrugh@owu.edu

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Darrell Albon

Director of International & Off-Campus Programs
Phone: 740-368-3072
Email: djalbon@owu.edu

Dr. David Markwardt

Associate Dean of the OWU Connection
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Phone: 740-368-3880
Email: ddmarkwa@owu.edu

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Dr. Brian Rellinger

Associate Provost for Academic Support, Chief Information Officer
Phone: 740-368-3131
Email: barellin@owu.edu

Dr. Laura Tuhela-Reuning

Interim Associate Dean for Academic Performance and Advising 
Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Phone: 740-368-3511
Email: lmtuhela@owu.edu

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Leigh Ann Emmons

Provost Administrative Assistant
Phone: 740-368-3102
Email: laemmons@owu.edu

Andrea Ryan

Secretary to the Provost and OWU Connection 
Phone: 740-368-3111
Email: amryan@owu.edu

Kate Cole

Project Coordinator
Phone: 740-368-3278
Email: kkcole@owu.edu