Welcome to Academic Affairs at Ohio Wesleyan! As a Colleges That Change Lives University, we are committed to not only provide an exceptional residential small liberal arts education, but also one that has meaning and purpose. Our Statement of Aims urges us to “impart knowledge,” but to do so in a context of developing critically-engaged citizens who make a difference. Ohio Wesleyan, as an exemplary 21st century educational institution, grapples with the most urgent societal and human issues and urges our students do the same. Our Motto, “In lumine tuo videbimus lumen” or “In Your Light We Shall See The Light” indicates the value we place on transformative learning in community.

Our signature experience, The OWU Connection, gives students the opportunity to learn deeply in experiential, project-based, high-impact pedagogical ways. It provides students with the skills needed to be change agents in a world with complex interdisciplinary problems. We are also an institution with strong commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Access our DEI and anti-racist Academic Affairs plan; read the Provost’s letter about why anti-racism matters at Ohio Wesleyan.

Academic Affairs at Ohio Wesleyan is committed to teaching, learning, and research throughout the University. On this website you will find resources supporting this endeavor.

Karlyn Crowley, Ph.D.