The Bishop Way is a bystander education and prevention awareness program for Ohio Wesleyan students. These programs are designed to educate and empower the community to make responsible and healthy decisions.

This initiative, through the Division of Student Engagement and Success, is dedicated to providing resources and programming related to active bystander skills, education about community norms and standards, and wellness education as it relates to topics such as alcohol and other drugs, hazing, mental health, and sexual respect.

Bishop Way programs include:

  • In-person and online education
  • Bystander intervention programming
  • Education about OWU policies and procedures
  • Social norming campaigns
  • Targeted group education for first year students, fraternities and sororities, athletic teams, student organizations, etc.
  • Climate surveys

Information on this website should not be used as a substitute for talking with a professional counselor or for consulting a medical professional. 

By engaging with the Bishop Way program, the community will:

  • have an increased sense of responsibility for creating change in one’s community related to bystander situations.
  • feel empowered to take action to prevent unwanted conduct in their community.
  • be able to identify potentially harmful interpersonal behavior.
  • be able to articulate OWU policies and support resources.