Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) is committed to a safe and healthy educational environment and to the principle that people have a right to be free from all forms of sexual harassment.

All OWU employees, excluding the confidential resources detailed below, are mandatory reporters and must share all the details of the reports they receive with designated University officials. Complainants may want to consider carefully whether to share personally identifiable details with non-confidential employees.

Individuals are encouraged to report a concern directly to the Title IX Coordinator and/or Deputy Title IX Coordinators.  University response may be limited if a designated staff member does not receive the complaint from the harmed individual.

Individuals may also submit a report online here.

Confidential Resources

On-campus Confidential Resources

Counseling Services, Hamilton-Williams Campus Center 324,
(740) 368-3145
Survivors of Crime Assistance Counselor: specializes in supporting those that have experienced trauma due to crime (i.e.: abuse, sexual assault, violence).
Protocall counselors available for students by phone 24/7 if you call (866) 564-1636

OWU Health Services, Stuyvesant Hall
(740) 368-3160

Chaplain’s Office, Hamilton-Williams Campus Center 308,
(740) 386-3082

Local Confidential Resources

Grady Memorial Hospital: hospital closest to OWU's campus
561 W Central Ave, Delaware, OH
(740) 615-1000
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) available.

Riverside Methodist Hospital, 3535 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 566-5321

Delaware Health Dept. 
3 W Winter St, Delaware, OH
(740) 368-1700
Sliding scale fees, women’s clinic, HIV testing

Helpline, local crisis support center,
(740) 369-3316 or (800) 684-2324

Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio (SARNCO) 
(614) 267-7020

RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Hotline 
(800) 656-HOPE 

Disclosure Mandates

Risk of Harm to Self or Others

Mental health professionals are required to disclose information where there is an imminent threat of the person harming themselves or others.

Ohio Medical Professional Reporting Requirements

In Ohio, medical professionals have distinct legally-mandated reporting responsibilities. Where a medical professional knows or has reasonable cause to believe that serious physical harm resulted from an offense of violence, the medical professional is required to make a report to law enforcement.  Medical professionals must deem a patient medically stable before reporting and must communicate to the patient that the patient does not have to report and/or speak to the police. If the patient chooses not to speak to police at the time of the medical examination, the medical professional does not need to report the patient's name - only the date, general time, and general location of the experience.

Non-Confidential Resources

On-campus Resources

Jess Ettell Irvine, Assistant Dean for Student Integrity & Community Standards, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, jlettell@owu.edu

Doug Koyle, Associate Dean for Student Success, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center 2nd floor, Dean of Students Office, dmkoyle@owu.edu

Dwayne Todd, Vice President for Student Engagement and Success, Title IX Coordinator
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center 2nd floor, Dean of Students Office, dktodd@owu.edu

Public Safety, Welch Hall 133
(740) 368-2222

Residential Life: including Resident Assistants 
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center 225

Any other faculty and staff at OWU.

Local Resources

Delaware Police Department, 70 N Union St # 2, Delaware, OH,
(740) 203-1111 // 911