Get ahead with summer classes in Delaware . . . or anywhere

Catch up on credits. Get ahead to graduate early. Explore a special topic, from wood design to wine making to the business of sport. Or fulfill a requirement in five weeks instead of 15.

Everyone has reasons to take a class or two during the five-week summer session. And now there's one more big reason: For the first time, OWU is offering six summer classes that are completely online. You can take them from anywhere in the world.

Nearly 50 other classes will be offered on the OWU campus, including Black Family, Logic, Intro to Film, Hitler & Nazi Germany, and many more.

Classes begin May 16, 2016, and end June 17, 2016, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the summer, with the satisfaction that you put another credit or two in the bank. And tuition for summer classes is only about half the price of fall or spring classes.

Online Summer Classes

ACCT 217 - Principles of Financial Accounting

The fundamental techniques of analyzing, recording,summarizing, and reporting the financial effects of business transactions. Sophomores and above, and second term freshmen intending to major or minor in accounting who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and permission of instructor.

BOMI 107 - Food

An exploration of food from a scientific point of view, including the biology, origin, composition, and preparations of major crop plants such as corn, wheat, and rice. Other topics include the adaptive biology and human uses of coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, nuts, spices, and others. Special attention will be given to the adaptive significance of food products from the perspective of the growing plant. No prerequisites.

CS 103 - Exploring Computer Science

A survey of the many sub-fields of computer science, which will provide an introduction to what computer science is and what computer scientists do. Topics will range from the theoretical (mathematical foundations of computing, design algorithms) to the practical (components of the computer, how the Internet works). No credit will be given for this course if a student has previous credit for CS 110 or any computer science course with a higher number than 110.

PSYC 210 - Quantitative Methods (Psychology)

The evaluation and interpretation of quantitative data in the behavioral sciences. Descriptive, correlational, and inferential techniques are discussed. Students may not receive credit for this course and MATH 105, MATH 230, or MATH 360. Prerequisite: C- or better in PSYC 110 or permission of instructor.

REL 103 - Religions of the West

A broad introduction to the various aspects of religion in Western culture including theology and religious rituals, but also the impact of religion on literature, art, architecture, and music. No prerequisite.

ZOOL 261 - Evolution

Major concepts of biological evolution. Topics include major patterns of evolution, such as speciation, coevolution, convergent evolution, mosaic evolution, and adaptive radiation. Also covered is the process of adaptation via natural selection, the generation of variation through the mechanisms of mutation, recombination, and gene flow, and other important evolutionary mechanisms. Processes and concepts are applied to a variety of species, including a final focus on human evolution. Prerequisite: BIOL 120, ZOOL 101, or equivalent.

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