Individual Tuition/Fees

One-unit course $2,880
Lecture fee (audit, no credit) $200
Art Studio Fee (when applicable) $75

Withdrawal and Refunds

Students withdrawing from a course must complete a withdrawal form at the Registrar’s Office, UNIV 007. No refunds will be made after Week 3, but earlier withdrawal will result in the following refunds:

  • 80% tuition and room refund through Week 1
  • 60% tuition and room refund through Week 2
  • 20% tuition and room refund through Week 3

If you received Federal Aid, we will need to do a refund calculation based on the actual number of days you attended.

Financial Aid

If you are interested in applying for summer school financial aid, you must complete the Summer Session Financial Aid Application (PDF). Please return the completed application to the Financial Aid Office, Slocum Hall, Room 246. If you have any questions, please contact our office by phone at 740-368-3050 or email at

Apprenticeships/Internships, etc.

Some departments offer summer credit for independent study, directed readings, and apprenticeships/internships. Contact the appropriate department chairperson or faculty member to determine availability. No regular course (numbered 100-399) may be taught as an independent study or directed readings without prior permission of the Department and the Director of Summer Session. The Director has the prerogative to cancel courses in which this prior permission is not sought and granted.