National statistics show that hazing impacts at least 47% of students before they start their college careers. In addition, 55% of college students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations experience hazing.

In October 2021, Collin’s Law went into effect for the state of Ohio after the death of Ohio University student Collin Wiant. Collin died from an initiation event that turned into hazing during his freshman year.

One aspect of the law requires that all Ohio college students receive training about hazing and the impact it can have on others. OWU has zero tolerance for hazing and is committed to keeping our students safe. We want you to be upstanders in your community to know how to eliminate environments that can cause harm to others and to be courageous in taking steps to prevent hazing.

Fall, 2022 Education and Mandatory Training

Students that need to complete the fall, 2022 hazing prevention and education programs should follow these instructions: