Our Story

The Woltemade Center for Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship, a pivotal center at Ohio Wesleyan since 1985, offers students a variety of unique opportunities to learn how business really works.

Our mission is to enhance academic programs and provide real world opportunities to create future generations of business and world leaders.

Philosophy of The Center: To provide access to resources, knowledge, and experiences that will enhance and improve upon a strong liberal arts education.

What makes us unique: The Center allows us to provide holistic programs delivered by a variety of experts including professors, business leaders, and alumni, in and outside of the classroom, to students and community members. 

Economics Management Fellows at the New York Stock Exchange. 

What you can expect from us: Co-curricular relevant, dynamic and current programming that meets the modern expectations and needs of the students with the purpose of serving as a recruiting tool for the department and university. 

We value: Innovation, relevance, collaboration, ethical business practices, and study.

We make a difference: By providing resources and opportunities to put theory into practice, connecting students to the real world.

Pathways to a career: The Woltemade Center and The OWU Connection provides the ideal mix of broad knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and practical experience to prepare you for your first job and a successful career. Read about our graduating seniors and where they're heading next! 

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Blaine E. Grimes Grant

Now accepting applications!

The Blaine E. Grimes Grant Program is available to Ohio Wesleyan students who have declared a major or minor in the Economics and Business Department. Grants are available for up to $2,000 for spring or summer semester internships. Interested students who have identified an appropriate internship or similar experience are encouraged to apply.