2023 Economics Management Fellows Trip to New York City.

Philosophy of the Center

To provide access to resources, knowledge, and experiences that will enhance and improve upon a strong liberal arts education.

What Makes Us Unique

The Center allows us to provide holistic programs delivered by a variety of experts including professors, business leaders, and alumni, in and outside of the classroom, to students and community members.

What You Can Expect From Us

Co-curricular relevant, dynamic and current programming that meets the modern expectations and needs of the students with the purpose of serving as a recruiting tool for the department and university.

We Value

Innovation, relevance, collaboration, ethical business practices, and study.

We Make a Difference

By providing resources and opportunities to put theory into practice, connecting students to the real world.

Pathways to a Career

The Woltemade Center and the OWU Connection provides the ideal mix of broad knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and practical experience to prepare you for your first job and a successful career. Read about our graduating seniors and where they're heading next!


Life After OWU

OWU graduates leave with knowledge, experience, and a hunger to change the world—a combination that excites employers and graduate schools. Our graduates land in top graduate programs, get good jobs, and have the far-reaching perspectives to keep on learning and the broad-based skills to move up the ladder.

Graduate Outcomes

Nicholas Cianciola '23

Incoming Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service; Major: Accounting

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Ethan Brooker '23

Investment Specialist, JP Morgan Chase; Major: Finance Economics

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