The Woltemade Center for Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship has launched an exciting new scholarship aimed at fostering opportunities for women in the fields of economics and business. Despite significant progress in educational and professional realms, women remain underrepresented in key leadership positions within the corporate world. Data from S&P 500 companies show that women hold only a small percentage of committee chairs, director seats, and CEO positions. In response to these trends, the Woltemade Center's Scholarship for Women in Economics and Business seeks to empower and support women pursuing careers in economics and business by providing them with financial assistance. This initiative not only invests in the future success of women in these fields but also contributes to creating a more diverse and dynamic business environment overall.


  • This grant is awarded to 4th-year students.
    • Students should apply spring semester of their 3rd year.
  • Students must be a declared major in the Economics and Business Department. 
  • Open to students who have achieved an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Students must be in good financial standing with the university. 
  • Students must write a 500-word or less essay describing their academic and professional goals, how they have demonstrated initiative, ambition, and commitment to pursuing a career in economics and business, and how the Scholarship for Women in Economics and Business will assist them in reaching their goals. (Essays cannot exceed 500 words to be considered.) 


This scholarship will be awarded annually to students in the amount of $1500.  

Students may only receive this scholarship once during their time at OWU. 

How To Apply

Please apply here. 

Students should apply spring semester of their 3rd year. 

Applications are now closed for 2023-2024.