College Ethics Symposium 

SPONSORED by the Economics Department and the Woltemade Center, funding to attend the College Ethics Symposium is available to Ohio Wesleyan students who are Economics, Management Economics, Finance Economics, Accounting, or International Business majors and are entering their senior year with a minimum GPA of 2.5. The purpose of the program is to encourage and support ethical decision making among university students and future leaders.

The College Ethics Symposium Selection Committee will choose four students to attend the fall symposium. All travel, lodging, and meal expenses will be provided.

The College Ethics Symposium (created in 1977) is designed to bring college students together with retired business executives and discussion group facilitators to engage students in the exploration of ethical decision-making. The symposium involves interacting with organizational leaders, case study discussions, interactive sessions, and of course, some time enjoying Hilton Head Island. Several highlights of the program include having students interact with other students from approximately 25 different colleges, having the opportunity to engage with former executives, and then applying several ethical decision models to various cases studies.

Please note that the symposium is a faith-based event focused on management decision making within a rapidly changing world. In the interest of full disclosure, the content of the symposium is grounded in moral truths and principles influenced by Christianity. However, the symposium is open to all faiths and respects other perspectives. Given their history in hosting this event, you can anticipate a very lively, open, and respectful dialog.

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To apply for the College Ethics Symposium, please submit a one-page letter to Dr. Glenn Byran, 

  1. describing why you would like to attend and what you hope to learn by attending the symposium, and
  2. confirming that you are a rising senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5

College Ethics Symposium Expectations

Students who are invited to attend the College Ethics Symposium will be expected to formally share their experiences with the Economics and Business Department and faculty. Arrangements will be determined later.

For Additional Information, Contact: Dr. Glenn Bryan,