Introduction to the Department

The study of philosophy and religion are integral to a person's education and to shaping how we understand our world and how we can live a fulfilling life. And exploring these fields deeply helps you develop the ability to think critically, analyze, evaluate, construct arguments, raise precise and interesting questions, and articulate and defend complex ideas - these valuable skills and good preparation for a wide range of professions.

With a major in philosophy, you will gain a broad understanding of the history of philosophy and a deep appreciation for it as a practical discipline. By "practical philosophy," we mean philosophy especially dedicated to questions about how to live and act, and how to understand and evaluate our own lives.

The study of religion has been important at Ohio Wesleyan since the university was founded in 1842, when the the training of a skilled and literate ministry was a key mission. Today, the study of religion is no longer confined to those who want to enter the ministry. Students planning careers in business, social services, law, medicine, education, and other fields benefit from careful study of religious phenomena and history. Additionally, religion students may find that their faith and devotional lives are strengthened by studying religion and looking objectively at the faith and devotion of others.

Department Features

  • Faculty guide students in developing meaningful interpretations of important and difficult philosophical and religious texts. Because class sizes are small, students are able to build strong relationships with their classmates and professors.
  • Students often study abroad to pursue individual projects in philosophy and religion.
  • Philosophy majors can work with faculty on senior independent projects, diving deeply into topics that interest them.

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Phillips Hall 114 and 117
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3790

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Acting Chair: Erin Flynn
Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Phillips Hall 114