Leverage the expertise of our faculty and students to meet your research needs.

Roger Hanafin (from left) of the Delaware Community Center YMCA is working to learn more about how to serve the BIPOC community with support from Ohio Wesleyan's new Community Research Fellows program. Helping with the project are student Yewoinhareg 'Yoyo' Kebede and professor emeritus Robert Gitter. (Photo by John Hulkenberg)

Community Research Fellows Program

The Ohio Wesleyan Community Research Fellows program involves highly motivated, top notch students working under the guidance of faculty members on research projects for Central Ohio nonprofits, businesses, and governments.  

Current and Past Projects

  • Surveying the underserved community for the Delaware Community YMCA 
  • Identifying employers in a community for a regional economic development firm
  • The economic impact of a local fire department
  • Helping a start-up firm identify the needs of mothers of newborns in Columbus

If your business is in need of research in areas such as development, outreach approach, economic impact, etc., then this is a great opportunity for additional support at low-cost to you. 

For more information, please contact: 

Will Georgic 

Department of Economics and Business

Ohio Wesleyan University


"The OWU Community Research Fellows program made a significant impact on the Delaware Community Center YMCA by providing research-based insights and innovative solutions to enhance our programs and services. Through community engagement, the OWU Fellow was able to identify specific areas of improvement, address challenges, and develop strategies to better serve our broader community with an emphasis on the underserved BIPOC community. We are extremely thankful to the OWU Community Research Fellows program and would recommend the program to both organizations and students."










Roger Hanafin

District Vice President of Operations

Delaware Community Center YMCA