The Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship at Ohio Wesleyan University offers a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a future in the accounting and finance professions.

Accounting & Finance Fellows

The Accounting & Finance Fellows Program is a selective program that empowers students to explore the wide range of careers available in the fields of accounting and finance, develop a unique awareness of current issues and ideas that shape the fields, cultivate a depth of knowledge on a specific and relevant topic within the fields, build their professional networks,  and connect their studies and interests to the broader world through a travel learning experience funded by The Woltemade Center.

This program is supported by an endowment established by Ohio Wesleyan University graduates Mr. James W. Pry II '67 and Mr. C. Nicholas Pry '63 in tribute to their mother, Louise Crider Pry. The Louise Crider Pry Memorial Endowment supports the Accounting and Finance Fellows Program, enriching the education of promising accounting and finance students with practical learning experiences and academic support.

Requirements for Accounting & Finance Fellows

  • Participate in at least one approved internship in the area of accounting or finance (may or may not be taken for academic credit). Students will submit a reflection on their work, a journal documenting their experience during the internship, and an assessment performed by a direct supervisor;

  • Complete a for-credit independent study or directed reading course in the area of accounting or finance;

  • Complete two upper-level classes (250 or above) in accounting or finance, earning a C or above (in addition to the required internship and directed reading course);

  • Attend the Milligan Leaders in Business Lecture and Heisler Ethics Lecture each year; 

  • Participate in at least four approved Accounting and Finance Fellows activities each semester (in addition to the Milligan and Heisler lectures). One of these events must explore how issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion connect with the areas of accounting and finance; 

  • Participate in an accounting and/or finance focused travel-learning experience, approved by the Accounting and Finance Fellows Faculty Coordinator;

  • In consultation with the Accounting and Finance Fellows Faculty Coordinator, join a professional organization relevant to the student's relevant area of interest (e.g., American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

Funding for Professional Certification 

  • Funding up to $300 is available for juniors and seniors (as defined by credit hours) pursuing a professional certification.

    • To receive funding, students must have senior status and have or be in the process of completing all requirements of the Accounting & Finance Fellows Program. 

Selection Criteria

Students will be evaluated and nominated based on the following criteria by the selection committee for admittance into the Accounting & Finance Fellows Program:

  • Sophomore status or higher;

  • Demonstrated interest in the fields of  Accounting or Finance;

  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or above;

  • Letter grade of "B" or better in ACCT 217 - Principles of Financial Accounting (or endorsement from the professor if the course is in progress);

  • Letter grade of "B" or better in ECON 110 - Principles of Economics or currently in the process of completing (or endorsement from the professor if the course is in progress)

Self Nomination

We are no longer accepting self-nominations for a spot in the Accounting & Finance Fellows Program!

Click here to self nominate.

The deadline has passed to self-nominate. 

Faculty Nomination

  • The Accounting and Finance Fellows selection committee will nominate students each Spring;

  • Students will be notified of their nomination through campus email in March 2025;

  • Students who wish to accept their nomination and join the program must submit a statement of interest and acceptance to the Accounting and Finance Fellows Faculty Coordinator by March 2025. 

For more information, please contact the Accounting and Finance Fellows Faculty Coordinator, Prof. Barbara MacLeod.