The Burton Morgan Entrepreneurship Student Paper Competition is open to all junior or senior students and is designed to encourage student research in entrepreneurship and small business. The subject area of "entrepreneurship and small business" is very broadly defined to include, for example:

  • the history of entrepreneurship
  • ethics in small business
  • comparative entrepreneurship
  • issues unique to family businesses
  • the role of entrepreneurship and small business in the economy and in developing economies
  • the role of government in stimulating small business
  • the role of entrepreneurship in larger organizations
  • organizational design to encourage entrepreneurship
  • the characteristics of entrepreneurs

as well as the more traditional topics associated with starting, financing, managing, and selling a small business.


The format of this competition is unique in that all students will be expected only to perform preliminary research into the topic they select. Complete proposals will include:

  • A 3-5 page proposal that details the background of their topic, the additional research required, and the general results that might be anticipated.
  • A bibliography of the student's preliminary research
  • A representative writing sample of a paper or report the student has previously submitted in another Ohio Wesleyan course.

The finalist will be selected on the basis of this proposal, and a $1000 award will be made contingent upon the student's completing the research, submitting the final paper, having it approved by faculty judges, and presenting the results of the paper at a meeting of students and faculty.

Judging Criteria

A three-member faculty committee will evaluate the submitted proposals. Proposals will be judged on the basis of:

  • The proposed topic's potential for significant research
  • The probability that the student research can be completed and a final paper written within a three-month period
  • The written proposal and the attached writing sample's effectiveness in demonstrating the student's ability to write effectively


Completed proposals are to be submitted to Lori Lucas by December 4th, 2023. The winning proposal will be announced mid-December. The research is to be completed and the final paper submitted in late-March, culminating in a final presentation to faculty and students.

For Additional Information, Contact: