The OWU Connection provides the ideal mix of broad knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and practical experience to prepare you for your first job and a successful career.

Change Healthcare - Nashville

Charles Kottler ’18 – Accelerated Development Program
Major: International Business
Campus Life: Men’s soccer, Delta Tau Delta
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship at WebMD in New York City; semester studying entrepreneurship and international marketing in Seville, Spain.
Charlie says: “During my time at WebMD, I became fully immersed in the world of digital health and worked on a number of initiatives to utilize WebMD's consumer base in new ways.”


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati

Hallie Sinko ’18 – Care Coordinator
Majors: Health Promotion and Psychology
Campus Life: Basketball and Track & Field
OWU Connection Experiences: Summer in Italy studying the Mediterranean diet; working with United Way to start and teach a Cooking Matters children's cooking class; summer work at Cleveland Clinic as a patient service representative and physical therapy and care management intern
Hallie says:
“Through The OWU Connection I've been fortunate enough to build my professional resume through unique experiences in areas that I'm passionate about.”

Cooking Matters

Greif - Delaware, Ohio

David Robinett ’18 – Financial Analyst
Major: Finance Economics
Campus Life: Men's soccer, President's Club
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship at Greif; Internship at venture capital firm The Walnut Group in Cincinnati; Internship at Soccer Village in Cincinnati
David says: "From observing exemplary leadership within my team at Greif, Inc., during my summer internship, I’ve been inspired to develop my leadership style through further involvement in my organizations on OWU's campus."


Honda of America

Erin Cannon ’18 – Corporate Control Accountant
Major: Accounting
Campus Life: Volleyball
OWU Connection Experiences:
Connection grant to study international accounting standarsd in Australia and New Zealand; internship at NiSource, Inc.
Erin says: “My OWU Connection Australia/New Zealand trip taught me a lot about different cultures in a business setting. This trip has been a huge part in preparing me for my current job. With Honda being a Japanese company, some things are done in ways that you wouldn’t see in a typical U.S. business setting. Being exposed to Australian/New Zealand business culture has allowed me to absorb the differences at Honda. In addition, I’m able to take what I learned in Australia and New Zealand and integrate it into my job at Honda.”

Theory-to-Practice Grants

KIPP Academy – Lynn, Massachusetts

Laura Benson ’18 – Teaching Fellow
Major: Politics & Government
Campus Life: Women’s Lacrosse, President’s Club
OWU Connection Experiences:
Internship at international school in Boston; travel-learning course to study social movements in Argentina; research project with Prof. Paul Dean presented at Student Symposium
Laura says: “My research project helped set me up for not only a stronger academic future but also in my career. I am now confident and well-versed in how to do in-depth research and present it to a wide audience. These skills helped me to present myself and the research I had done about KIPP to my interviewers to land my first job.”

Research & Independent Study

Makena Capital Management - Menlo Park, California

Trey Olsen ’18 – Financial Analyst
Major: Finance Economics
Campus Life: Men’s soccer, Phi Gamma Delta
OWU Connection Experience: Internship at Makena Capital Management
Trey says: “My summer learning experiences were more of an extension of my classroom learning that took place at OWU. My finance and economics knowledge provided a background for me to learn more specific and practical aspects more easily while on the job.”


Ohio Wildlife Center

Karis Lowrie ’18 – Education Staff Member
Majors: Zoology and Classics
OWU Connection Experiences: Internships at the Columbus Zoo and working in animal rehabilitation at the Ohio Wildlife Center; receiving the Herbst Prize grant (Classics) to travel to Rome, Florence, and Pompeii
Karis says: “The Wildlife Center offered me the opportunity to turn theory into practice as I utilized the content from my classes in real-world animal behavior situations.”


Red Capital Group - Columbus

Sam Van Dyke ’18 – Assistant Auditor
Major: Finance Economics
OWU Connection Experiences: Internships at Red Capital Group, Delaware County Board of Commissioners, and Hastings Water Works.
Sam says: “My internships throughout my time at Ohio Wesleyan provided me with a solid foundation for success in the real world. My last internship at Red Capital Group eventually turned into a full-time offer.”


Weber Shandwick Public Relations - Chicago

Isabel Cherry ’18 – Project Management
Major: Sociology/Anthropology and Women's & Gender Studies
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship in South Africa helping students with math and English skills; special-events internship with OWU Advancement