Research opportunities provided by The OWU Connection have given Ohio Wesleyan the leg up to earn national awards and acceptance into prestigious graduate programs.

Auburn University, Biology

Ali Amer ’23
Major: Biochemistry
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship performing research in the Department of Pediatrics at Texas Children’s Cancer Center; Summer science research with Prof. Bethany Rudd; independent research project.

Research & Independent Study

Arizona State University, Human Resources and Employment Law

Vincent Larente ’23
Major: Business Administration
OWU Connection Experience:
Wherein-Williams sales & management internship.


Colorado State University, Biology

Makenna Juergens ’23
Major: Zoology
OWU Connection Experiences: Summer Science research with Dr. Amy Downing studying salt tolerance variation in the invertebrate Daphnia Pulicaria; independent research project related to the summer researh; animal care internship with the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, OH, responsible for upkeep of enclosures, providing enrichment, administering meals and medications, and giving educational keeper talks to guests;
Makenna says: “Being part of the SSRP gave me valuable research experience and encouraged me to pursue graduate school.”

Summer Science Research Program

Indiana University, Evolution, Ecology, & Behavior

Josie Fornara ’23
Major: Zoology & Environmental Science
OWU Connection Experiences: Senior honors project, in which Josie received OWU Connection funding to travel to New Mexico to conduct research on nesting ecology and predation; Summer Science Research on wren behavior; internship with OWU Museum of Natural History; Biology Travel-Learning class to Alsaka.

Summer Science Research Program

Ohio State University, Genomics

Emily Bode ’23
Major: Microbiology
OWU Connection Experiences: Independent research project on Bacillus collection presented at Spring Student Symposium; internship.

Spring Student Symposium

University of Cincinnati, Architecture

Daniel Eilert ’23
Major: Philosophy
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s bio behavioral health lab in Columbus analyzing data from neuroimaging research done on child brain development. He used this work in an independent research project.

Research & Independent Study

University of Edinburgh, European Archaeology

Miranda Klank ’23
Majors: Geography and Sociology & Anthropology
OWU Connection Experience: OWU Connection grant to perform airborn LiDAR sensing for archaeological surveying of indigenous burial mounds; study abroad at Galway Archaeological Field School

Theory-to-Practice Grants

University of Michigan, Applied & Interdiciplinary Mathematics

Kaito Iwasaki ’23
Majors: Astrophysics and Mathematics
OWU Connection Experiences: 
Cornell math Research Experience for Undergraduates in Ithaca, NY; Summer Science Research project studying star spots with Prof. Harmon; senior independent research projects in mathematics and astrophysics; internship as international program assistant at Sakae Institute & Emporia State University in Kansas.

Research & Independent Study

University of Michigan, Analytical Chemistry

Ethan Grimes ’23
Majors: Chemistry and Zoology
OWU Connection Experience: 
Independent research project with Professor Grunkemeyer to determine if aquatic plants could be used to remidiate runoff water pollution.

Research & Independent Study

University of Oregon, Geography

Wesley Rancher ’23
Major: Environmental Studies
OWU Connection Experience: Research project to map the impact of road salt on freshwater ecosystems in Delaware Cunty using ArcGIS, an online geographic information system software.
Wesley Says: “I’ve gained confidence with mapping approaches and methods, and I’ll be able to incorporate this acquired knowledge with different research regarding the environment.”

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University of Pittsburgh, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology

Gabriella DiGiacomo ’23
Major: Microbiology
OWU Connection Experience: Internship at Wild Sun Rescue Center in Cabuya, Costa Rica.


Vanderbilt University, Finance

Ethan Berkovitz ’23
Major: Finance
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship as investment banking summer analyst with Brown, Gibbons & Lang in Chicago; financial analyst internship with Redwood Living in Cleveland; financial planning internship with Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, in Worthington, OH.