Research opportunities provided by The OWU Connection have given Ohio Wesleyan the leg up to earn national awards and acceptance into prestigious graduate programs.

Boston College, Master's in Clinical Social Work

Josh Epkins ’19
Majors: Sociology & Anthropology
Hometown: Houston, Texas
OWU Connection Experiences:
Volunteer service as a T.E.A.M. Mentor with the Delaware County Juvenile Court and as a tutor with Columbus Initiative.
Josh says: “Career Services and Professor Howard in the Sociology Department helped me uncover and expand on my passion and vision. I received a lot of support and essential advice that’s grounded me in my decision to become a global practicing clinical social worker.”

Global Service

Case Western Reserve University, Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences

Margaret Michicich ’19
Majors: Genetics
Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin
Campus Life:
SAGE, Circle K, Owtsiders
OWU Connection Experiences: Summer research at S.C. Johnson and at Cincinnati Children's Hospital; travel-learning courses to study biology in East Africa and the Galapagos

Research & Independent Study

Graduate Institute of Geneva (IHEID), Switzerland

Raissa Kanku ’19
Majors: Politics & Government and French
Hometown: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Campus Life: Politics & Government Student Board, Rafiki, Rugby, President's Club, Leadership Fellow, French Club
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship with Borgen Project to reduce global poverty; OWU Connection Grants to study imperialism in France, migration stories between Mexico and the U.S. border, spatial justice after Apartheid in South Africa, redlining within Chicago, and the works of Common Grounds in relation to homelessness in Michigan; research project on the redlining system between Chicago and Paris in relation to housing
Raissa says: “The several grants I wrote at OWU have guided me into critically understanding the topics I’ve been interested in, and they helped me discover the topics I would want to continue my studies or do research in.”

Theory-to-Practice Grants

Lewis & Clark College, School Psychology

Shannon Bermingham ’19
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Campus Life: Kappa Alpha Theta; varsity swimming; Bishop Bubbles; lifeguard and Meek facility manager; Psychology Board
OWU Connection Experiences: Study abroad in London, England; spring break interfaith service trip to Chicago
Shannon says: “Going abroad was one of the best experiences that I had at Ohio Wesleyan. It allowed me to apply my studies, explore multiple different cultures, and grow as a student and individual.”

Study Abroad

Louisiana State University Law School

Ana Borish ’19
Majors: Politics & Government and Genetics
Hometown: Westerville, Ohio
Campus Life: Kappa Alpha Theta
OWU Connection Experiences: Research with Dr. Chris Wolverton on NASA projet on plant perception of gravity; Moot Court competition; Galapagos Islands travel-learning course
Ana says: “The OWU faculty helped me prepare for law school by guiding me to the classes I took during my time at OWU that gave me the knowledge I need to be successful at my next institution.”

Research & Independent Study

Miami University, Ph.D. program in Microbiology

Malory Wolfe ’19
Major: Microbiology
Hometown: Grove City, Ohio
Campus Life:
Delta Zeta, BOMI Club
OWU Connection Experience:
Independent study research with Dr. Jerry Goldstein that was published; two travel-learning courses: Shakespeare in England and Island Biology in the Galápagos Islands; interfaith service team project in the Lakota Nation, S.D.
Malory says: “My professors and mentors, Dr. Laura Thuela-Reuining and Dr. Jerry Goldstein, have been instrumental in my success at OWU and have prepared me for graduate school. I’m very blessed to have such amazing and encouraging faculty in my life.”

Travel-Learning Courses

Miami University, Environmental Science

Katie Vonderembse ’19
Major: Environmental Science
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Campus Life:
Women's rugby
OWU Connection Experience:
Study abroad in Uppsala, Sweden; research project examining the effects of road salt and nutrient run-off on freshwater ecosystems; independent research for Honors Thesis
Katie says: “Being able to take part in a large research project and write a short thesis during my undergraduate studies has definitely prepared me for doing research in graduate school. I am grateful for faculty that have taken a genuine interest in my success.”

Research & Independent Study

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Madeleine Sorrick ’19
Major: Biochemistry, Zoology, and Pre-Medicine
Hometown: Hiram, Ohio
Campus Life:
Pre-Health Club, Pre-SOMA Club, Chemistry Student Board
OWU Connection Experiences: Summer Science Research to study testosterone levels in response to aggressive behavior in two species of songbird; summer research in a biochemistry lab at The Ohio State University; travel-learning course to London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen to compare national health care systems in the U.S. and Europe
Madeleine says: “OWU has challenged me to make connections between my major, my interests, and my career plans through opportunities in the classroom and beyond. Through these experiences and interactions with dedicated faculty and staff, I feel prepared and confident heading into medical school.”

Research & Independent Study

University of California Los Angeles, M.F.A. program in Animation

Olivia Baylor ’19
Major: Fine Arts – Studio Art B.F.A.
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Campus Life: Art Department Student Board, OMSA Peer Mentor, Archival Assistant at OWU’s Historical Collection
OWU Connection Experiences: OWU Connection Grant to spend 6 weeks at UCLA studying animation through the Film and Television Institute; independent study working with Professor Jim Krehbiel to learn and experiment with Animation in Photoshop; internship in OWU University Communications creating motion graphics
Olivia says: “Although OWU does not have animation-specific classes, it gave me the resources to explore my interest. Through an independent study, a motion graphics job on campus, and a grant to study animation in Los Angeles, I have an understanding of various career paths I could take. These experiences led me to further pursue animation through graduate school.”

Theory-to-Practice Grants

University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. program in Neuroscience

Faith Best ’19
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Delaware, Ohio
Campus Life: Women's lacrosse, Delta Zeta, CRU, Newman Community, OWtsiders, Order of Omega, Mortar Board, Neurds, Women in Science, Pre-Health Club, StART leader, tour guide, overnight host
OWU Connection Experiences: Internships as chemical hygiene  coordinator and zoology museum curator in the Zoology Department
Faith says: “All of my experiences at Ohio Wesleyan taught me incredible skills and led me to fall in love with the field that I will continue to study after graduation.”


University of Dayton School of Law

Alyssa Acevedo ’19
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Hometown: Medina, Ohio
Campus Life: Women's track & field, Admission's Office University Ambassadors
OWU Connection Experiences: Child Protective Services intern at Medina County Job and Family Services; legal extern at the Law Office of Michele P. Sherrin; volunteer student teacher at the Ohio Reformatory for Women's Prison through Sociology/Anthropology Senior Seminar
Alyssa says: “The faculty at OWU are not only exceptional educators who have helped to prepare me for the rigor and reward of law school, but more importantly are first-class people who have pushed me to extend my career goals beyond what I ever imagined.”


University of Louisville, Master's in Sports Administration

Alexis Roberts ’19
Major: Sport & Exercise Management
Hometown: Crestwood, Kentucky
Campus Life: Varsity field hockey; Delta Delta Delta
OWU Connection Experiences: Internship at University of Kentucky, NCAC mentorship program
Alexis says: “I love OWU and all the opportunities I’ve had to learn in the classroom, play, and connect the two. I’m really thankful for my outside internship experience at University of Kentucky and my NCAC mentorship program. An extra shout out to Career Services for the personal statement and interview help.”

University of Maryland Carey School of Law

Holley Hickman ’19
Majors: Politics & Government and Women's & Gender Studies
Hometown: Kensington, Maryland
Campus Life:
Kappa Kappa Gamma, President’s Club, Pre-Law Club, Camp Oh-Wooo Leader, Orientation Leader, Bishop Ambassador, Politics and Government Student Board
OWU Connection Experiences: Moot Court competition
Holley says: “The greatest gift OWU has given me is the chance to be a leader. Three years ago I was a somewhat timid girl who was afraid to rock the boat. Today, I am a very outspoken woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight for it. OWU pushed me to be my best self, recognize my highest potential, and most importantly, never doubt myself and never be afraid.”

Moot Court

University of Minnesota, Ph.D. program in Computational Neuroscience

Joe Emerson ’19
Majors: Computational Neuroscience and Physics
Hometown: Shelby, Ohio
Campus Life:
Neurds (Neuroscience Club), Society of Physics Students, Alpha Sigma Phi, Wind Ensemble
OWU Connection Experiences: Research at Mississippi State on developing a plant gene family identification pipeline; Research from REU grant on computational modeling of epilepsy; Senior Departmental Honors project
Joe says: “The excellence of research at OWU is due in large part to the dedication of faculty who host undergraduate researchers. The personalized commitment to developing skilled scientific researchers is something that I believe is unique at Ohio Wesleyan.”

Research & Independent Study

University of Missouri, Ph.D. program in Astronomy & Astrophysics

Alec Martin ’19
Major: Astrophysics
Hometown: Glenmont, Ohio
Campus Life:
Ultimate Frisbee, Alpha Sigma Phi, Society of Physics Students
OWU Connection Experiences: Summer research modeling starspots on rapidly rotating stars at Perkins Observatory, presented at American Astronomical Society; England & Germany travel-learning course on space exploration
Alec says: “As an astrophysics major, getting to see space agencies across the world as well as learn more about the research that can be done in those types of places was incredible.”

Travel-Learning Courses

University of Wisconsin, Veterinary Medicine

Serena George ’19
Majors: Pre-professional Zoology and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Palos Park, Illinois
Campus Life:
Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer mentor, Spanish peer tutor
OWU Connection Experiences:
Two travel-learning courses: Tropical Biology in Costa Rica and Marine Biology in the U.S. Virgin Islands; semester abroad conducting field research at The School for Field Studies Center for Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania; Theory-to-Practice Grant to volunteer at the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe
Serena says: “I never expected that a project started my first year as an Ohio Wesleyan student would lead to such a diverse array of research experiences, but I am so grateful for the real-life experiences that I gained through the OWU Connection, and for all of the mentors I met along the way who helped to shape me into a more mature and passionate scientist, eager for my next adventure.”

Theory-to-Practice Grants

Washington University in St. Louis, Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Management

Cole Jamieson ’19
Major: Genetics
Hometown: Okemos, Michigan
Campus Life: Men's lacrosse
OWU Connection Experience: Summer research in a toxicology laboratory at Michigan State University
Cole says: “My OWU professors have challenged me in the classroom in ways that have prepared me for grad school, and Coach Plantholt has taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance on and off the field.”

Research & Independent Study

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