Research opportunities provided by The OWU Connection have given Ohio Wesleyan the leg up to earn national awards and acceptance into prestigious graduate programs.

American University, International Affairs

Chloe Holmes ’18
Major: International Business, French
Hometown: Gahanna, Ohio
Campus Life: Kappa Alpha Theta, Leadership Fellow, Senior Class Council, Women's Soccer, MFL Student Board
OWU Connection Experiences: Summer study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland; Connection grant exploring the economic and cultural importance of French local markets
Chloe says: “These two (Connection) opportunities pushed me to explore other cultures and conduct independent research, and have prepared me for a future in international affairs.”

Theory-to-Practice Grants

Chicago-Kent College of Law

Daniel Haygood ’18
Major: Politics & Government
Hometown: Quincy, California
Campus Life: Theatre productions, Chi Phi
OWU Connection Experience: Great Lakes Regional Moot Court competitions
Daniel says: “Participation in the Constitutional Law course and Moot Court competitions cemented my plans to attend law school.”

Moot Court

Duke University, Environmental Management

Dianyi Li ’18
Majors: Geography & Economics
Hometown: Chengdu, China
Campus Life:
Citizens of the World House, Chinese Culture Club
OWU Connection Experiences: Connection grant to present her independent study project at the annual conference of the American Association of Geographers in Boston; summer research geography project; Travel-Learning course on environmental alteration in Costa Rica
Dianyi says: “At OWU, I was able to connect my two majors, Geography and Economics. The courses I’ve taken, the independent study experience, the travel-learning course, and the working experiences helped me find more possibilities in the fields of geography and economics.”

Interdisciplinary Study & Multiple Majors

Heidelberg University, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Jordyn Hollenbeck ’18
Majors: Psychology
Hometown: Williamsport, Ohio
OWU Connection Experience:
Travel-Learning class on black British literature traveling to Manchester, Liverpool, and London
Jordyn says: “I have never met more passionate people in my life than my professors, and I am thankful to have been taught by each and every one that I've had. While pursuing my education here I've also learned who I am and who I want to be. I couldn't have asked for a better college experience.”

Travel-Learning Courses

Ohio State University, Microbiology

Mary Cranley ’18
Major: Microbiology
Hometown: Shanghai, China
OWU Connection Experience:
Summer Science Research and two independent study projects, including researching potential antiviral genes and knocking them out with CRISPR Cas9N complexes to test their effect on Vesicular Stomatitis Virus.
Mary says: “Throughout my various research projects at OWU, I was able to cultivate my skills as a research scientist and also take part in coauthoring two published papers. The most important part of my undergraduate career however, was getting to study and research alongside amazing professors such as Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Ambegaokar. These two professors have truly inspired my love for scientific research as well as become great mentors for my future career goals.”

Research & Independent Study

Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources

Emily Howald ’18
Majors: Zoology and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Bucyrus, Ohio
Campus Life:
Sustainability Task Force; Environment and Wildlife club
OWU Connection Experiences: Travel-Learning Courses on tropical biology (Costa Rica), marine biology (U.S. Virgin Islands), & environmental alteration (Costa Rica); Connection grant for travel to Fort Hunter Liggett, California, for Endangered Species Conservation on the Military Estate
Emily says:
“My experiences have given me the confidence to pursue my own research in environmental studies next year. In addition, my liberal arts education, both through my degree and interdisciplinary major, have taught me to use multiple perspectives. I plan to continue interdisciplinary work.”

Travel-Learning Courses

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Brian Jordan ’18
Majors: Pre-Medicine, Neuroscience, and Psychology
Hometown: Austin, Texas
OWU Connection Experience:
National Science Foundation research on spinal cord injuries.
Brian says: “Not only did I gain tangible, observable skill sets that will benefit me as I move on to study medicine, but I was also allowed to network with numerous physicians that inevitably allowed me to gain even more shadowing experience.”

Research & Independent Study

Ohio University, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jacqueline Feliciano ’18
Major: Health & Human Kinetics: Exercise Science
Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Campus Life:
Field Hockey and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority
OWU Connection Experiences: Six-week program to study the Mediterranean diet in Italy; 3 internship projects; research project examining performance changes in field hockey athletes over a competitive season
Jacqueline says: “I have been given the opportunity to learn things outside of my major, and I have learned how to step outside my comfort zone and challenge myself to be a better student. I have learned how to work closely with students and faculty, and I have learned how to develop professional and personal relationships with my mentors and the people around me. Graduate school is going to be a big adjustment, but I know that I will succeed because of the skills that I learned and developed here at Ohio Wesleyan University.”

Research & Independent Study

University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Theatre for Young Audiences

Audrey Castaneda Walker ’18
Major: Theatre
Hometown: Queens, New York
OWU Connection Experiences:
Studied Asian drama at University of Hawai’i at Manoa; grant to study environmental waste disposal in Japan; interfaith service project in San Diego
Audrey says: “In the many leadership positions I was fortunate to hold, I learned how to manage time, multitask, mediate conversations, and plan events. OWU has made me inquisitive and put theory into practice, which is what I hope to implement in my own future classroom.”

Study Away

University of Notre Dame, Physics

Derek Shank ’18
Majors: Astrophysics and Mathematics
Hometown: Zelienople, Pennsylvania
OWU Connection Experiences:
Summer research projects at University of Notre Dame Physics Department and at OWU


University of Wisconsin - Madison, Biotechnology

Jordan Brown ’18
Major: Botany/Microbiology
Hometown: Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
OWU Connection Experiences:
Summer research at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and at University of Wisconsin analyzing bacteria that were genetically engineered for increased ethanol production
Jordan says: “The summer gave me great graduate-level research experience and attracted me to UW-Madison.”

Research & Independent Study

Vanderbilt University Law School

Madeleine Juszynski ’18
Major: Economics
Hometown: Atlanta
OWU Connection Experience:
Moot Court competition and Travel-Learning class on black British literature traveling to Manchester, Liverpool, and London
Madeleine says:
“Dr. Esler's moot court program was my first point of contact with constitutional law cases and helped me decide I wanted to go to law school. He was an excellent pre-law advisor.”

Moot Court

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Ronnie Gwinn ’18
Majors: Pre-Medicine, Zoology, and Psychology
Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia
Campus Life:
President's Club, Pre-Health Club, Phi Gamma Delta
OWU Connection Experience:
Interfaith service project in Nicaragua