You have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with faculty to pursue your research interests and create new knowledge.

Until now, your education probably has involved learning and processing the work and wisdom of others. What if you could make your own discoveries and add to the bank of knowledge important for the future? You can do all that and more at OWU.

As a liberal arts college, we emphasize intellectual curiosity, creativity, initiative, and synthesis. The University provides opportunities, including traveling to remote locations, for you to explore an existing problem or process—or perhaps to develop a totally new avenue of exploration. You can work in tandem with a faculty member or “do your own thing” funded by a grant, research scholarship, or fellowship.

One exciting research option is the Summer Science Research Program. Through this highly competitive 10-week program, students can carry out cutting-edge research alongside faculty mentors. At the conclusion, participants present their findings at a University symposium and possibly even at state, regional, and national meetings of scientific associations.

OWU academic departments make it a priority to facilitate student research and independent study. Advisors and course professors will work with you to find or develop projects to match your individual academic and career interests.

Maddie Vroom ’16 is a prime example of how far you can go with independent research at OWU.