The OWU Connection is Ohio Wesleyan’s signature program of experiential learning embedded in a vibrant liberal arts curriculum. The spirit of the Connection is to encourage students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in creative and scholarly projects, the workplace, and the local and global community. Guided by their faculty mentors, students realize the full potential of their studies when they integrate foundational knowledge developed within and among academic disciplines into meaningful experiences. Through The OWU Connection students can research a scholarly question, design a creative project, or investigate a societal problem. They can also explore different cultures and environments from local to international contexts and engage in leadership and service to others. This is liberal arts for a new day.

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Slocum Hall
61 S. Sandusky St.
Delaware, OH 43015


David D. Markwardt
Associate Dean of the OWU Connection
Slocum Hall 308 |

Megan R. Ellis
Executive Director of the OWU Connection
Slocum Hall 211 |