Career Connection helps you successfully prepare now for the career goals of your future

Career Connection elevates students through Internships, Research, Volunteer, and other hands-on opportunities as part of OWU Connection. See what past students have done and share your experience here: Internship Experience Survey. 

Take advantage of what Career Connection offers! Set up your Handshake profile (a one-stop career services & job posting platform) - and follow the steps below.

  • Individual Coaching: Meet 1:1 by scheduling on Handshake or coming to Slocum 207 for drop-ins. Students in their First Year get a $10 OWU Bookstore Gift Card!
  • Programming: Get access to signature programs such as our Bishop Launch Program (Sophomore/Juniors), Real Life 101 Program (Seniors), and Career Fairs.  
  • Advice: Connect with our Alumni Partners to get individual guidance and check out our career guides
  • Financial Resources: Apply for Career Grants to fund internship, externship, and career exploration experiences.
Connecting-the-Dots Infographic

Check out our Career Communities that provide opportunities, events, and resources for students in specific disciplines. You can also see our connecting-the-dots infographic on the right to help you choose your career path and navigate finding your post-graduate job or education.

Meet Your Career Catalyst!

Career Catalysts are specialized Career Connection staff members within each Career Community. They will help you prepare for the professional world by identifying your career goals, mapping strategies for building your readiness competencies, and preparing for a lifetime of opportunity. Schedule today! 

  • Document Review - Resume, Cover Letter, Personal Statement 
  • Preparation - Mock Interviews, Internship/Job Search Strategies, Applying for Grad/Professional School, Obtaining Grants/Funds, Salary Negation
  • Career Exploration - Assessments, Challenge Mindset Cards, Design Thinking Approach, Exploring Career Resources, Connecting with Alumni 
  • Personal Branding - LinkedIn Profile Assistance, Elevator Pitches/Career Fair Prep, StrengthsFinder Assessment Discussion, Career Competency Integration 

Connect with Us

Career Connection is located in Slocum 207. Our central office is open Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • Appointments
    Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. – Schedule via Handshake for an appointment 
  • Drop-In Hours
    Monday-Thursday, Noon - 4:30 p.m. – No appointment is necessary.
  • Digital Reviews 
    Submit your Resume/Cover Letter/Statement for review with a 72-hour business-day turnaround: Digital Review

What are OWU graduates doing?

Our graduates leave with knowledge, experience, and a hunger to change the world—a combination that excites employers and graduate schools. Graduates of OWU are all over the world, and form a network of support for current and future OWU students.

Graduate Outcomes

Belle Norman '22

Mental Health Specialist at Nationwide Children's Hospital