What is a Career Community?

Our eight career communities are organized by industry, not major, and offer ways to connect with information, resources and people that align with your interests and skills.

Discover the various career paths within each industry, network with employers and alumni and learn about relevant events, courses and job opportunities!

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Our Career Communities

Explore our eight career communities below. You can use Handshake to select the career communities you would like to join.

Careers With Social Impact

This community focuses on shaping our society and way of life for the better. Career opportunities include Social Services, Counseling, Social Work, Non-Profit work, Policy Research, Law, Fundraising, Advocacy, and Sustainability. 

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Economics & Business

This community focuses on analyzing, reporting and managing changing trends in business, trade, resources, interest rates and international policy. Career opportunities include Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, International Business, Accounting, Insurance, and Banking. 

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Education & Communication

This community focuses on careers that involve helping others learn and strategic communication. Career opportunities include Teaching (Elementary, Middle, High-School or College), School Administration, Research, Advertising, PR, Publishing, Content Marketing, and Corporate Communications. 

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The community spurs the entrepreneurial mindset and will help students foster concepts, plan, launch, and grow a business. Work hands-on with community entrepreneurs, learn about up-and-coming businesses, and get in on the ground level of new start-ups! 

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Humanities & The Arts

This community focuses on individual expression and creativity. Career opportunities include Writing, Performing Arts, Artist, Designer, Historian, Philosopher, Arts Education, and Foreign Language/ Translation Services.

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This community focuses on health professions that improve people's lives via the treatment & prevention of diseases, aid with physical and mental impairment, and research. Career opportunities include Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Public Health, and Health Administration.

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This community focuses on utilizing technology, research, data, and mathematics to solve complex problems, explore new ideas, and innovate to make the world a better place. Career opportunities include Biologist, Chemist, Geologist, Physicist, Mathematician, Engineer, Computer Programmer, Data Scientist, and Environmental Scientist.

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Exploratory Career Community

This community provides support and resources for students who wish to explore a variety of careers and receive additional guidance in selecting a career community and field of interest.