Welcome to the Office of University Communications, where we work to inspire and inform audiences through publications, media relations, the Ohio Wesleyan website, social media, and other outreach.

Let Us Connect You

If you are a member of the campus community working to share OWU information, we can help you decide the best formats and timing to reach your target audiences.

Once we’ve determined who you are seeking to reach and why, we’ll work to help you create just the collateral you need.

How We Can Help

  • Consulting on new communications initiatives
  • Designing & producing publications
  • Creating or updating a webpage
  • Crafting written communications
  • Promoting Ohio Wesleyan on social media
  • Working with the media
  • Publicizing research and achievements
  • Promoting / publicizing an event
  • Scheduling photography / videography

How You Can Help

  • Sharing a story idea or a photo
  • Utilizing best practices / follow guidelines when promoting OWU
  • Using #ohwooo on social media