CLC is the nation's leading trademark licensing and marketing agency in higher education.

CLC represents Ohio Wesleyan University (the "University"), in partnership with the Office of University Communications, to positively promote the University's trademarks and images ("Marks") through trademark protection and licensing management.

CLC is responsible for:

  • Processing license applications
  • Coordinating artwork approvals
  • Collecting royalty payments
  • Protecting University trademarks
  • Developing the University's brand in merchandise
  • Enforcing the University's product and production standards

Manufacturers who wish to produce University merchandise must be licensed through CLC. Once a license application is submitted to CLC, University Communications will review it for approval. Licensed manufacturers are required to pay a royalty fee. The institution only licenses merchandise that POSITIVELY promotes the image of Ohio Wesleyan University. If a company would like information on becoming licensed, please contact CLC directly at (770) 956-0520 or

Ohio Wesleyan University owns all rights, title, and interest in its trademarks and images. No one is authorized to manufacture, distribute, advertise, offer for sale and/or sell any products bearing the Marks without the express written permission of the University and/or its licensing agent. Unauthorized use of University Marks is subject to review and may constitute trademark infringement. University Marks are prohibited for use on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, sexually explicit graphics or descriptions, and in conjunction with other third-party trademarks unless authorized by University Communications.

University departments and student groups are required to purchase University-branded merchandise from officially licensed vendors of the University. Items that will be used internally, such as by members of an office, group, or as a giveaway, are exempt from royalties. Items for resale (including fundraisers) require the vendor to pay royalties to the University on the products. Requests for royalty exemptions can be made through the vendor or by contacting