Economics & Business

This community focuses on analyzing, reporting and managing changing trends in business, trade, resources, interest rates and international policy. Career opportunities include Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, International Business, Accounting, Insurance, and Banking. 

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Carolyn T. Lammert, MLHR
Assistant Director, Career Catalyst Program and Liaison for Economics and Business | 740-368-3549

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Community Events

On-Campus and Virtual Interviews

Each year employers come onto campus to hold interviews with students who seeking jobs and internships. We encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities. Even if you are not actually hired through an on-campus interview, the experience in itself can be valuable in preparing you for interviews you may later obtain off campus.

On-Campus Organizations

Investment Club

The Ohio Wesleyan Investment Club manages a $170,000+ stock portfolio. This portfolio is chosen democratically by students in the organization. We welcome students of all majors and meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. in Corns Room 303. For the time being, we are meeting virtually via Zoom.

For More Information please contact Professor Barbara Macleod at

First Generation Investors

First Generation Investors is a chapter of the larger national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, First Generation Investors. Our purpose is for Ohio Wesleyan students to provide tutoring on financial concepts such as saving and investing to underserved high schoolers. In doing so, Ohio Wesleyan students who join the club will become tutors, bettering their communication skills and understanding of finance while giving back to the greater community.


Ohio Wesleyan Marketing Group (OMG)

Ohio Wesleyan Marketing Group (OMG) is an OWU student run marketing group of passionate individuals. OMG has devised marketing plans for many commercial and non-profit companies, providing students a chance to work on real world projects that will help them be better prepared for the professional market after graduation.

The Accounting Fellows Program

The Accounting Fellows Program will allow a select group of students to combine classroom knowledge with real-world accounting research and application. Students will benefit from this program by participating in academic activities outside of the traditional classroom space, professional development activities, and domestic travel learning experiences funded by the Woltemade Center.

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The Latham Entrepreneurial Scholars Program (ESP)

This program will allow a select group of students from across campus disciplines to explore entrepreneurship at their own pace accommodating each student's knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Students will benefit from this program by participating in academic activities outside of the traditional classroom, self-study development, professional development activities, and a travel learning experience funded by the endowed program.

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Economics & Business

Please see our extensive list of Alumni Partners who are eager to help students and fellow Alumni with their career and professional goals. The individuals on this page are happy to be contacted for 1:1 conversations, presentation invitations, and other engagements. Please click on their profiles to learn more and to see their contact details. We encourage students, faculty, Alumni, and staff to engage with these Alumni and form valuable OWU Connections.