The interdisciplinary major of International Studies explores how countries interact in our ever-shrinking world. Whether you are interested in examining issues in the world in general, or in a particular region of the world, the cross-disciplinary nature of International Studies gives you a chance to work closely with a variety of professors and develop a major that satiates your intellectual interests.

About the Major

With this interdisciplinary major, you’re able to pursue general international studies or concentrate on a specific region--Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Middle East. You’ll take a total of 12 units, with a core curriculum consisting of courses in global issues, international economics, and international politics. You’re encouraged to study at least one foreign language and spend at least one semester studying or interning abroad to assist with cultural understanding. You’ll cap off your major with an integrative senior seminar to help tie everything together.

The program’s interdisciplinary faculty includes professors from politics and government, history, economics, and modern foreign languages.


Graduate Outcomes

Rebekah Smith '12

An original member of Ohio Wesleyan's Debate Association, Rebekah earned a master’s degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and is now an international labor mobility consultant at The World Bank.