Each year, the competitive Global Scholars Program admits a small number of high-achieving first-year students who are passionate about global issues. We are looking for students who are eager to immerse themselves in interdisciplinary coursework and embrace international perspectives.

First-Year Course

All new Global Scholars will participate in a team-taught course in their first semester in which they will explore in-depth some issue of global consequence. Taught each year by two OWU faculty members from distinct departments, these courses will provide an interdisciplinary focus on the select topic and employ diverse readings spanning the Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Global Scholars Funding

Admitted Global Scholars will keep their designation throughout their four years at OWU, as long as they continue to maintain high academic performance and pursue the global studies requirements. In their junior or senior year, Scholars who have maintained academic standards and met all requirements will be guaranteed a grant ($4000 per student for the incoming class of 2022) to pursue an approved international research or study project of their choice. 


Global Scholars will pursue any major in one of the many Ohio Wesleyan departments that offer courses with an international focus. These include interdisciplinary programs such as Black World Studies, East Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, and Women and Gender Studies as well as departments such as Comparative Literature, Economics, Geology and Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Politics and Government, Religion, and Sociology-Anthropology. Students from the Fine Arts and Natural Sciences whose focus is globally defined are also encouraged.

To be a global citizen, one must be able to communicate in multiple languages. Consequently, Global Scholars will be required to attain competency in a foreign language of their choosing. In most cases this entails the equivalent of four semesters of college coursework.

Global Connections Experience

Global Scholars are required to study abroad for a semester in one of the many dozens of programs approved by OWU and located throughout the world. While some study abroad experiences might include an internship component, Global Scholars are also encouraged to engage in internationally-focused activities (internships, volunteering, etc.) in and around the Columbus metropolitan area.

Senior Project

All Global Scholars will complete a faculty-supervised thesis in their senior year. Some students will choose to fulfill this requirement by enrolling in a capstone course within their major; others may work independently with a Global Studies Institute faculty member of their choice. Towards the end of their senior year, Global Scholars will come together in a special seminar to share their research projects with one another. By bringing together all Global Scholars, the capstone will emphasize and benefit from their multiple disciplinary approaches.

Students who successfully complete all of the requirements of the Global Studies Institute will graduate with a Global Studies Institute certificate, so denoted on their transcripts.

To Apply

Contact the Director of the Global Studies Institute, Dr. Jeremy Baskes, at jabaskes@owu.edu.


Global Studies Contact Info


Director: Jeremy Baskes
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