What you experience, you remember. You can maximize experiential learning by taking advantage of OWU’s study abroad and other off-campus programs.

A semester spent off-campus in a study away program, international or domestic, is practically a “must do” for anyone attending a liberal arts college. Ohio Wesleyan encourages its students to make an off-campus semester part of their academic experience.

The OWU Connection / International and Off-Campus Programs staff can assist you in your planning for off-campus experiences.  

Students must:

  1. Consider carefully and strive to understand well all of the challenges that come with an off-campus experience, whether international or domestic.
  2. Be able to understand, appreciate and articulate the value of their proposed off-campus experience to their intellectual and cultural development.  
  3. Be able to understand, appreciate and articulate the value of their off-campus program to their overall academic experience and their major(s) and minor(s). 
  4. Follow the OWU application process (see "Steps to Study Away" to the right):  First, to apply for OWU off-campus permission using the OWU LEAVE APPLICATION and then, second, to submit an application form to the program itself.

You can easily browse and search for OWU-approved international and domestic study away experiences using the OWU off-campus programs search and application system -- OWU Study Away Options

Study away is an experience that is open to all.  Please read our Financial Planning resources (see link at right) for information about additional scholarships and grants.  Students of diverse backgrounds can start their exploration of opportunities and considerations for studying away here --  All Abroad -- Resources

Study abroad during the summer at a partner institution or organization for credit is an option that many students choose to do -- especially those who have busy regulate academic semesters.  For information about Summer Study Abroad and what needs to be done to make it happen--stop by the OWU Connection desk in Merrick Hall and attend a Summer Study Abroad Session.


Programs that are not included in the OWU off-campus programs search and application system -- those that are not approved -- require approval by faculty committee.  An "unapproved program" petition is available in the off-campus programs search and application system.  Please consult with the OWU Connection / IOCP staff, if you are applying to an unapproved program.

The OWU Connection communicates through the OWU Daily.  Read it carefully and regularly. Consult the Ohio Wesleyan University Catalog for further information about Off-Campus Programs policies and procedures.

All application materials MUST flow through the OWU Connection, IOCP Office at OWU. Do not apply directly to these or any other programs prior to approval from OWU.  

When you apply for off-campus approval using the OWU off-campus programs search and application system, you must select the specific off-campus program you wish to attend when you first apply for leave permission.  You can change the program which you want to attend by emailing your request to change to studyaway@owu.edu .

The process for applying for Summer study away is simpler because the experience is in addition to and does not replace an on-campus term.  Please stop by the OWU Connection Desk in Merrick Hall or the IOCP Office in HWCC for a summer study away instruction/application packet.  Financial aid is limited but is available (including Pell Grants) for summer study away.

You are required to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your off-campus plans. Some departments and programs have specific requirements for majors who will be studying away.   

Students interested in the Wesleyan in Washington Program need not attend a Round One meeting and do not need to go through this process--but they do need to contact the Arneson Institute in Elliot Hall.

OWU prohibits sponsored student travel to countries with U.S. Dept. of State Level 4 Travel Advisories. OWU reviews requests for student travel to countries with U.S. Dept. of State Level 3 Travel Advisories. For more information contact international@owu.edu.

All should be concerned and prepared for ethical and sustainable travel.  We encourage our students to engage their host cultures more ethically and to mitigate the impact of their travel on the environment.  A good place to start:  The Ethical Traveler  and Sustainable Travel.  

If you have questions or wish to discuss eligibility call 740-368-3070 or 740-368-3075.