From your first year on campus, you can get off campus — with Travel-Learning Courses, part of The OWU Connection. Journey to a distant land and immerse yourself in another culture. Learn how classroom theory truly connects with real-world experience.

Experience The OWU Connection

Bring the ancient history you studied in class to life by exploring actual sites in Greece or Turkey. Visit a country where the “foreign” language you’ve been learning is their native tongue. Travel to a distant continent to study animals or plants in their native ecosystems … or … or … or …. The possibilities are almost endless!

Trips associated with Travel-Learning Courses usually take place over Spring Break (March) or following the end of classes in May or December. OWU covers a substantial portion of the costs of travel, lodging, meals, and onsite transportation. The student is responsible for the remaining portion, along with any additional charges, such as passport and visa fees, vaccinations, etc.

Because space is limited, admission to Travel-Learning Courses is competitive. To be considered, you must first submit an online application. The application period for spring courses is usually the previous month of September, but check the OWU Daily and other information sources for exact dates.

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