Ohio Wesleyan has a home-school tuition system for students participating in approved semester- and year-long off-campus programs (both international and domestic). This system is used to facilitate the packaging of applicable financial aid, to make billing clearer, to allow use of OWU's monthly payment plan, and to make budgeting easier for students and their families.  This system also strives to make off-campus academic programs as financially accessible as possible to the widest range of students.

During the term away, students participating in approved off-campus programs are billed regular OWU tuition and awarded regular OWU merit and OWU need-based aid.

For room, meals, and other ancillary and occasionally optional fees, Ohio Wesleyan bills students exactly what the program charges. Ohio Wesleyan does not charge students the OWU room, board, or the activity fee for the time away.  For the 24/25 academic year, Ohio Wesleyan charges a $150 off-campus program leave application fee and a $3,200 off-campus program fee. For some programs, there is a supplemental program-specific off-campus program fee. Students will be notified of the supplemental fee, if there is any.  Standard billed charges and estimates of out-of-pocket expenses are provided to students on OWU Budget Sheets.

Ohio Wesleyan pays all program fees and charges directly to the program with a few exceptions, such as program application fees and program deposits (see below for more information).

Please note that these policies do not apply to summer off-campus programs. For information about summer off-campus programs, please contact IOCP or the Office of the Registrar.

OWU Off-Campus Programs Financial Guide--easy to print pdf of these websites.