OWU has partner programs and institutions around the world; costs for participating in a semester away vary greatly. 

Students are encouraged to attend Access Study Abroad information sessions at which they will learn more about external financial aid, personal budgeting, financial contingency planning, etc.  Additionally, budget planning sheets are distributed and reviewed during these sessions. One-on-one advising is also provided.

Students must consider not only billed tuition and fees but also estimated out-of-pocket expenses when budgeting.  Some programs for which students are billed less than they would be if they were to stay on-campus might well cost significantly more when out-of-pocket expenses are taken into account.  Out-of-pocket expenses vary greatly student-to-student.  Students are encouraged to discuss out-of-pocket expenses with their assigned program representative.  

Students must create and maintain a budget for personal and other ancillary expenses. Students take on the responsibility for decisions related to housing and meal plans, related to additional or supplemental programming, and related to all personal expenditures.

If you have questions, please contact the IOCP Office at studyaway@owu.edu or 740-368-3075.

Early in the process of applying to participate in an approved off-campus program, students send general information regarding billing and financial aid to the parent(s) / financial guarantor(s), who sign an acknowledgment/permission form.  Later in the process, students are given detailed billing information and estimates for out-of-pocket expenses.  The Assistant Director of IOCP (study away) is available to discuss billing and financial aid for all programs.