Let us help make a study away semester a reality for you! Whether you are thinking about studying abroad or doing one of our domestic semester-long programs, we are here to answer your questions, advise you about your options, and get you ready to go.

Step 1: Stop by Slocum 311 and chat with an IOCP Mentor (mentors@owu.edu) about the study away experience -- available options, getting prepared to go, etc. 

Step 2:  Complete the Round One presentation, which highlights key points and will answer most of your questions. 

Step 3:  Explore all your options using the OWU Study Away Programs & Application Site.   

Step 4: Seek out other on-campus resources for more information:

  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plans.  
  • Meet with representatives of partner programs/institutions that frequently visit campus.  
  • Meet with Lisa Ho, Associate Director of IOCP / Study Away.  
  • Attend Access Study Abroad meetings to learn more about external grants and scholarships and budgeting for your semester away.  
  • Connect with study-away alumni who have participated in the program that you are considering.  
  • Review the Financial Planning website for Study Away -- or download the information in the pdf Guide.

Step 5:  Apply for off-campus study permission using the OWU Study Away Programs & Application Site. See the deadlines link in the right-hand navigation bar for the leave application deadlines.

Step 6:  After you have been approved for off-campus programs, we will assist you in getting ready to apply directly to your program at our Round Two Meeting (do not apply directly to your program provider until you are approved by OWU) and then ready for departure through our Round Three Pre-Departure presentation and Cross-Cultural Essentials presentation.