1.  Attend OWU Connection / IOCP program information sessions offered throughout the academic year.  These are optional but assist students in getting to know available options and getting prepared for a study away experience.  These are advertised in OWU Daily.  (Time to complete:  varies.)

2.  Complete the mandatory Study Away -- Round One -- Presentation.  Make sure you complete and submit both the form at the beginning of the presentation and the questions at the end.  (Time to complete:  About an hour.) 

The Round One on-line presentation covers the following topics:  eligibility to study away, approved programs and partner institutions, the academic framework for an approved semester away, credit and grade equivalencies, transfer of credits, billing and financial aid, costs and budgeting, and the application policies and procedures for approval for off-campus study.

3.  Search for programs using the on-line OWU off-campus programs search and application system. (See "Programs" link at the right.)  Make sure that you understand the academic and cultural contexts of the programs you are considering.  While doing this, also do #4.  (Time to complete:  varies greatly.)

4.  Seek out on-campus resources to assist you with making an informed decision.

  • Very importantly, meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plans.  
  • Meet with Merrick Mentors to discuss the experience of studying away.  
  • Meet with representatives of partner programs/institutions that frequently visit campus.  
  • Meet with the Assistant Director of IOCP / Study Away.  
  • Attend Access Study Abroad meetings to learn more about external grants and scholarships and budgeting for your semester away.  
  • Check the OWU Student Evaluations of the programs you are considering (these are kept in the IOCP office in HWCC).
  • Connect with study away alumni who have participated in the program that you are considering.  

5.  Complete the on-line OWU LEAVE APPLICATION that is part of the off-campus programs search and application system.  (Time to complete:  one to two hours.)

  • Please note that your leave application requires that you submit or have submitted on your behalf a number of items including faculty recommendations, an application fee, an official transcript, etc.  
  • Faculty recommendations should be chosen with care and must come from faculty who have taught you in an OWU course.      
  • When you apply for off-campus approval using the OWU off-campus programs search and application system, you must select the specific off-campus program you wish to attend when you first apply for leave permission.  You can change the program simply which you want to attend by emailing your request to change to studyaway@owu.edu.
  • The Leave Application questionnaire requires some personal reflection and thought -- important preliminary preparation for an off-campus semester. 

6. Attend a Round Two meeting -- these are offered to those students who have been approved for off-campus study.  Round Two meetings cover the following topics:  course enrolment planning for on-time graduation, pre-approval process for courses to transfer back, policies and procedures for application to partner programs and institutions, billing and financial aid, costs and budgeting, planning for a return to campus and enrolment in courses for the semester back.  (Time to complete: about one hour.)

7.  After receiving permission to study off-campus and then attending a Round Two meeting, follow the instructions for moving your application on to the program you have been approved to attend.  Specific directions are provided in the approval email and the forms that are distributed during the Round Two meeting.  Since you have already applied for and been approved for off-campus leave, almost all of the work of applying to the program has been completed.   (Time to complete:  about one hour.)

8.  Complete pre-departure activities, as set out in the Round Two meeting, and complete the on-line Round Three Pre-Departure presentation and complete the pre-departure activities assigned by your program. (Time to complete:  two to three hours, depending on the program.)

9.  Attend some of the various optional information sessions that are offered to assist those planning their study away semester, such as Women and Study Away and/or First Time Travellers Chat.

10.  Follow the instructions given to you by your program for arrival, orientation and start-up.

  • To summarize:  First, complete the Study Away -- Round One -- Presentation, then apply for OWU off-campus leave permission on the OWU on-line system, then get approval for off-campus leave, then attend a Round Two meeting and complete the Round Two activities, then apply to the program itself, then follow the instructions of your program.