International Travel Policy

This information is subject to change.  Please contact IOCP if you have questions.

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A.  IOCP Office – Contacts & Hours of Operation, Slocum Hall

Please note the following contact information:  

  • International Students: Dede Shine   +1-740-368-3071
  • Study Abroad / Domestic Off-Campus Programs: Lisa Ho  +1-740-368-3075
  • Grants, Travel and Other Programs: Darrell Albon  +1-740-368-3072
  • University Grant funding basic regulations can be found here -- these may apply. 
  • Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 08:30 to 17:00 hrs (USA ET); summer hours shorter.
  • After-hours / weekend / vacation contact  number:  +1-614-579-5398   (Please do not text this number.). 

B.  International Travel and University Sponsored International Activity

  1. All students travelling internationally on instituionally-sponsored or -supported programs or trips must do the following:
    • Follow University policies and guidance regarding international travel, including the use of University approved travel services providers, including those for grant funded travel.
    • Comply with restrictions and prohibitions on certain activities that are deemed high risk by the University's insurer, including but not limited to motor sports, potholing, scuba diving, spelunking, zip-lining and all organized contact sports. For a complete list of these restrictions, contact the IOCP office.
    • Comply with clearance procedures for un-approved programs (both credit and non-credit experiences).
    • Complete all required forms and waivers -- available through the IOCP Office. 
    • Complete both the Pre-Departure Essentials and the Cross-Cutlural Essentials on-line programs, and submit all requireed responses. 
  2. Institutionally sponsored student travelers may not rent motor vehicles of any type.
  3. Institutionally-sponsored travel to countries with a U.S. Dept of State Level 4 Travel Advisory is prohibited.* 
  4. Travel to countries with a Level 3 Travel Advisory is restricted and will only be allowed if a petition to travel is approved.
    • Contact for information about petitioning.  
    • Here is the petition form.
    • Petitions should be submitted as far in advance of travel as possible, but at least six weeks prior.  Petitions normally take four weeks for initial review.  
    • Institutionally-sponsored travel to countries with Level 2 and Level 1 Travel Advisories is permitted if registered with the IOCP Office. All international travel requires the permission of a divisional Vice President/Provost, or their designee.
    • In some instances, travel to countries with a Level 4 Travel Advisory, if it is a country of citizenship or residency of the traveler or if there are other close personal ties, may be permitted with approval.
  5. All students, faculty and staff traveling on University sponsored programs, both domestic and international, must follow current CDC recommendations (including those regarding vaccinations) and the recommendations of the relevant authorities in destination countries.
  6. Refer to the U.S. Dept. of State's International Travel Page for information regarding the countries your travel.  All OWU approved international travellers who are U.S. citizens must enrol in the U.S. Dept. of State's STEP Program
  7. Importantly review the U.S. Center for Disease Control's international travel resources, especially the country specific web resources, inclduing the Travel Health Notices, the vaccination requirement information and the country-specific web pages.
  8. Students are required to complete the medical form and are very strongly encouraged to visit the OWU Student Health Center for a pre-travel appointment at least one month in advance of deaprture to discuss vaccinations, health risks, etc.  Students may wish to make an appointment at a travel health clinic -- contact IOCP for more informatioon. 
  9. For information about our institutional insurance coverage for international travel, please see the EIIA International Travel page. Particular attention should be paid to the International Travel Brochure page and the FAQ page. Please note the restricted activities (as mentioned above) that may be prohibited or require an insurance rider.
  10. Travellers are encouraged to consider cancelation-for-any-reason / interruption-for-any-reason (CFAR/IFAR) insurance -- contact IOCP for more details.
  11. All international travel must be registered with the IOCP Office. The University reserves the right to suspend institutionally-sponsored activities in countries for which the Travel Advisory changes or there are other changes that might present a risk to OWU travellers. Travel can be canceled opt to the day of departure.  Students, faculty and/or staff may be required and should be prepared to suspend activities and immediately depart a country that moves to a Level 4 TA or for which the risk environment changes.
  12. No academic credit will be transferred from programs that are in countries for which there has been no permission for institutionally sponsored travel. No funds will be disbursed or reimbursed for activities in countries for which there has been no permission for institutionally-sponsored travel.  

C.  Information for Students Studying Away (Study Abroad and Domestic Programs)

    1. Approval to participate in a study abroad program is based upon the University international travel policy (see "B" above).  
    2. Students are responsible for knowing the refund policies of their programs and for paying all non-refundable program charges.
    3. Students with a pending petition must plan to be flexible and to keep all options open, including:
      • participating in a domestic off-campus experience -- students may apply for both at the same time.
      • Enrolling in on-campus courses and applying for on-campus housing (advising Res. Life of your plans well in advance). 
    4. Students who have a study abroad requirement for a major and who are unable to study abroad because of travel restrictions must contact the Dept. Chair or Program Director of their major to discuss accommodations.

*(In some instances, travel to countries with a Level 4 Travel Advisory, if it is a country of citizenship or residency of the traveler or if there are other close personal ties, may be permitted with approval.)


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