Congratulations on your recent voyage abroad! We know you are excited and brimming with stories of your experiences abroad and insights into your host country’s culture. Might you be looking for a captive audience with whom to share those experiences, or are you seeking new ways to study, travel, or work abroad again? If so, then we invite you to attend the Lessons From Abroad Ohio Conference!

Saturday, November 16th

Ohio Wesleyan University, Merrick Hall

Conference highlights include:

  • Meeting other recent study abroad returnees from all over Ohio.
  • Hearing from dynamic and motivating keynote speakers.
  • Learning how to talk about your newly acquired global skills in a job interview.
  • Discovering how you can work or study abroad after graduation.
  • Networking with professionals working in internationally-focused jobs
    Staying connected to and sharing stories about your study abroad experience

This is a great opportunity to network with other students and professionals. We ask that you dress business casual and bring several copies of your resume.