Step outside the classroom and connect your knowledge with your vision.

Many OWU students synthesize their studies by completing a signature project. Think senior art show, vocal or dance recital, directed research project, internship related to your major, or focused service learning activity. All under the guidance of faculty and with University support.


Why not add an exclamation mark to your college career by completing a signature project? These capstone activities allow you to apply what you’ve learned to where you’re going after graduation. You can prepare for what’s ahead by expanding your theoretical classroom knowledge into real-world, hands-on experience through challenging internships, creative endeavors, and student research or service projects.

Monetary support to defray costs related to signature projects may be available through the Small Grant Program (also referred to as Student Individualized Project, or SIP, grants) or, for larger expenses, through the Theory-to-Practice Grants program. Also, you may be able to receive academic credit for your work on a signature project.

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