When we travel we bring our whole selves. We hope that these resources will assist you in the exploration of identity in the global context. Navigating the intricacies of identity while living abroad is a transformative journey, filled with challenges, self-discovery, and meaningful cultural experiences. Whether you are traveling with a group for a few days or weeks, or you are headed out on your own for an entire semester, we hope that these tools will help you understand, embrace, and celebrate the different facets of identity abroad.

Pre-departure Training

Each traveler on an IOCP-sponsored program must complete our Pre-Departure and Cross-Cultural Essentials presentations before departure. These presentations will cover health and safety considerations abroad as well as help us think about how our identities intersect with the cultures we will encounter when we travel.

We also host in-person Identity Abroad sessions each semester for those traveling the following term. These are peer-led discussions where our students share their first-hand experience of how they interacted with others during their time abroad and how those interactions impacted the way they viewed themselves.

Please take some time to explore the resources shared here with an open mind and willingness to examine your identities. Whether you're seeking practical tips for acclimating to a new culture or craving thought-provoking reflections on the fluid nature of identity, we hope you find these resources to be a helpful companion on your journey.